The Moment TBoss Insulted Kemen Over His Looks And Kissing Pattern In Front Of Other Housemates

TBoss Insults Kemen Over His Looks In Front Of Other Housemates

This week in the Big Brother Naija house there was an unforgettable moment when TBoss destroyed Kemen in the presence of the other housemates.

Just when Kemen thought his nightly cuddling with TBoss was leading him somewhere or anywhere close to her heart, he probably will start having a re-think.

TBoss doesn’t joke, she is truly a boss of her own, no wonder the ‘Boss’ is attached to her name.

She really came out hard on Kemen and she didn’t spare a word, on how he kissed, his tongue and looks among other.

It was so humiliating as other housemates looked and listened in silence except a few who were trying to cut her off, maybe realising that Kemen was feeling embarrassed.

Wondering how Kemen would feel and if he even fell asleep that night, maybe now, he will desist from going to meet her in her bed.

But one thing is for sure, he will certainly be gossiping with other housemates about her, in the coming hours.

Kemen looked so sad, dissatisfied and broken hearing all these from TBoss.

Kemen is truly the most insulted Big Brother Naija housemate in and out of the house, if it’s not viewers insulting the size of his lips, it is TBoss and co bashing him for one thing or the other.

So do you think what TBoss was right or wrong???

Editor’s Opinion..

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3 Responses

  1. vhontsiya mulaudzi says:

    Tboss was right but I don't think she should have said that I mean if it was someone telling her about something she did choze in life I'm sure uri she was gna go crazy
    Remember when bassy call her stupid… She cryd out loud saying it was not right

    I say Boss lady wat you did was wrong and childish…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Its like is the devil that created those in his image, since he did tboss is everymans trophy then including Klemens who referred to her that way. Useless guy without reservation, why no self discipline with his altitude he can sleep with his girlfriends sister even her friends cos he does not have self control. He actually kisses like a snake, with all his tougue out like he wants to suck blood.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, one mans meat is another mans poison. Kemen is handsomely and wonderfully created by God. I think I had Uriel say she liked kemen and when she was asked who she will miss she said kemen. Kemen is a woman's man anytime any day. All these women cursing and humiliating him will like that his lip if he is the owner of 25million dough. So, u people should leave him alone. Going to those at night to play with her whatever is not a genuine excuse to eliminate him, they are all adult in the house and there is no way kemen will force tboss if she did not consent and I believe that kemen is just trying to see if he can win tboss to himself. Talking about t boss being too beautiful for kemen that's a lie. Check out the formal efo state Governor and his beautiful white lady. Money answers to all ur need.