Chinedu Amah’s Biography

Chinedu Amah ProfileFull Name: Chinedu (Ceeva) Amah

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Occupation: Self Employed

Hometown: Delta State

Star Sign: Aquarius

Relationship Status: Single

If you’re born on Valentine’s Day, does that make you a romantic? That’s the question audiences on Big Brother Nigeria will be wondering about Chinedu who was born on the 14th of February 1982. Chinedu describes himself as ‘confident, kind, thoughtful, friendly and cool’. He says that his best quality is his leadership abilities though he admits that he ‘over-reacts sometimes’.

He hopes to win the grand prize on Big Brother Nigeria and build a career on TV. He encourages people to watch Big Brother Nigeria as ‘they would better understand the mind state of young Nigerians and appreciate how to build the future Nigeria (practical entertainment)’. Chinedu rates the movie The Usual Suspects highly, says that he enjoyed the book ‘Angel Eyes’ and listens to Tupac and R. Kelly. He says that the best thing about Nigerians is ‘our originality!.

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