Adeyinka Oremosu’s Biography

Adeyinka Oremosu ProfileName: Yinka

Full Name: Adeyinka Oremosu

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Self Employed/Musician

Hometown: Lagos

Star Sign: Pisces

Relationship Status: Single

Yinka’s favourite color is blue. This means that the 26-year-old is going to feel right at home in the Big Brother Nigeria diary room which is painted a shade of blue.

A fan of legal-eagle writer John Grisham, Yinka’s favourite movies include the epic Gladiator and the emotional The Color Purple. A musician at heart, Yinka’s favourite songs are the romantic ‘Turn the Lights Down Low’ and the optimistic ‘What A Wonderful World.’

Standing at 6ft 8in, Yinka is one of the tallest Big Brother Nigeria housemates. He is proud of Lagos because he says that ‘it is a melting pot of different cultures.’

Irritated by ‘fake, dishonest procrastinators’, he admires Martin Luther King Jr. because, ‘he died doing what he believed in. If I could have his determination and zeal, I would die happy.’ Yinka’s personal motto is ‘don’t wait for an opening, make one of your own’. If he didn’t win Big Brother Nigeria, he says he’d still try and finish his book and his album. He entered Big Brother Nigeria for ‘the exposure, experience and most of all the excitement’. He says Nigerians should watch Big Brother Nigeria because ‘I’m going to be there!’.

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