CocoIce Overthrown As Head Of House, Efe Is The New “Igwe”

Efe Overthrows CocoIce Overthrown From Head Of House Throne

Drama and confusion is reigning inside the Big Brother Naija house after Efe took over as the new “Igwe” – Head of House.

Today Biggie gave Debie-Rise two secret tasks to fulfill, one was to find the “Igwe” CocoIce‘s secret black book ‘diary’ and the other was to mobilize the other housemates so that they could stage a coup d’etat against Igwe’s reign.

Soon after, with the help of Bisola, ThinTallTony and Debie-Rise, Efe was able to obtain the key and powered by Section 8 of Big Brother’s rule book and snatched the Igwe crown which CoCoIce had distanced herself from.

Efe then overthrew “Igwe” to immediately become the new Head of House, then what followed was expected as CoCoIce and Bisola had a verbal fight as the freshly overthrown “Igwe” felt betrayed by Bisola her former pal.

Housemates are now starting to realise that they’re actually playing a game full of strategies…

Please bow down for the new “Igwe” Efe…

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14 Responses

  1. Flutter says:

    wow… from what i have watched….things are getting very explosiveeeeee. Gosh

  2. Mandy Titi says:

    missing out of this great fun *crying* am at work

  3. Bertha Tsoaeli says:

    Wow well done Efe

  4. delphine Chinyere says:

    Shit, i'm at work and I have missed this show. Before leaving for d office, I knew there will be drama after biggy gave Debbie Rise dt task. And efe was d perfect ally

  5. Slay says:

    Really missing out what's going on at d moment, gosh! Can't wait to be home ��

  6. DeLast Saint says:

    I knew Cocoice was sitting on a time-bomb when she swapped Efe for Gifty. Watch out for next eviction list and cocoice will be all over the places

  7. mike lala says:


  8. Ohalete Chiamaka says:

    Hmmm,better watch it ooo, Efe should not win dis game

  9. Ohalete Chiamaka says:

    Hmmm,better watch it ooo, Efe should not win dis game

  10. sleek team Efe says:

    Efe is my man any day any time,base on logistic you got my vote

  11. adegeye ademola says:

    I love the Heat in the game..dont play the people play the game..

  12. Unknown says:

    big brother naija rocks

  13. Binainu Shaibu says:

    Vote efe from abuja Binainu asokovilla