Soma Receives A Strike From Biggie

Soma Receives A Strike From Big Brother

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 10: Today Soma received a strike from Biggie.

Well Big Brother has dropped a strike on soma’s head, Biggie warned soma yesterday of being sluggish and ever wasting time whenever he is called in the diary room.

But he just repeated the same mistake today, so when he entered the diary room, Biggie told him “remember no housemate is allowed to keep Big Brother waiting!!!!”, Biggie told Soma.

And while in the diary room, Soma tried to argue with Biggie on this issue. “remember no housemate is allowed to argue with Big Brother”, Biggie reminded Soma.

Biggie then issued Soma with his first strike in the Big Brother Naija, two more strikes will lead to immediate disqualification from the house.

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