Day 18: Alex Celebrates Her Birthday Today

Alex Birthday Celebrations In The Big Brother Naija 2018 House

One of our Big Brother Naija season 3 housemate Alex whose real names are ‘Asogwa Alexandra Amuche Sandra’ is celebrating her birthday today.

The model and advertiser from Lagos was born 22 years ago and today she has added yet another year to her age.

And to mark her birthday, last night in the wee hours (in the early hours of today) after Big Brother had already switched off the lights. her fellow housemates gathered around Alex’s bed and sang her a happy birthday song.

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Alex who was filled with joy got so emotional and instead broke into tears as her fellows kept on singing.

But we all know Biggie wouldn’t let Alex’s big day just pass like that.

Today in the afternoon while majority of the housemates had gathered for a conversation around Anto who was giving Teddy A a free hairdo, Big Brother froze the housemates once again, 2 of his ninjas then entered the house with a birthday cake, champagne, flowers and a birthday card all for our birthday girl Alex… Wow Thank you Biggie.

Therefore the entire team here at would also like to take this opportunity and wish a Happy birthday to the green haired damsel, minister of dance affairs and Governor of the dance floor Alex, our very own queen of shakushaku.

Alex Asogwa Big Brother Naija 2018 House


And as for you all the fans, you can send Alex your birthday wishes in the comments section below…

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2 Responses

  1. Kingsley Etim says:

    hbd alex have a fulfilled day, keep working hard u will get 2 da finish line

  2. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday dear Alex, I wish you all the best even after Big Brother Naija