Day 22: Four Housemates To Take Part In Week 4 Head of House Challenge

Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 4 Head of House Qualifier Challenge

Today being a Monday, the Big Brother Naija 2018 housemates battled it out in the Week 4 Head of House challenge only that it was the qualifier with the final challenge scheduled to take place tonight after Week 4 Nominations.

Big Brother summoned all the housemates to the arena and gave them instructions that they were supposed to follow in the challenge.

The housemates were to have their wrists, knees and legs fitted with plastic cups, these plastic cups would then be filled with balls that the housemates had to deposit into black buckets placed at the other end of the arena.

So the housemates were divided into two groups, the boys group and the girls group with the latter taking on the challenge first.

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Each group was given 2 minutes to take part in the challenge and they could only begin at the sound of the buzzer.

On the other hand, the housemates had to immediately stop any motion at the sound of the buzzer after the 2 minutes that Biggie was awarding each group to take part in the challenge had elapsed.

Biggie also insisted that housemates help themselves out in their strategic pairs with one housemate being a runner and the other housemate being in charge of loading balls into the plastic cups.

The runner had to run the distance from the starting points where the balls are loaded into the plastic cups and deposit the balls in a chosen black bucket placed on a line at the end of the arena.

The runners were not to touch the balls at any one moment and if the balls fell out of the plastic cups, the runner wan’t supposed to pick them up. So generally the runners’ objective was to get the balls which are in the cups into the black buckets.

Well the girls took part in the challenge first and finally Ahneeka and Ifu Ennada emerged as winners thereby booking a place in tonight’s head of house challenge.

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Mean while Biggie disqualified Anto for not following the rules of the game, because she was still in motion after the buzzer was sounded.

Then came the boys and at the end of the challenge, Miracle was the winner but Leo and Angel were tied for the second spot. Biggie asked both of them to battle it out against each other and finally Leo won.

Therefore, Miracle, Leo, Ifu Ennada and Ahneeka have all booked places in tonight’s head of house challenge in a quest to become week 4 head of house.

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