Day 24: Tacha And Seyi Are Leaving The Secret Room And Returning To The House

Tacha and Seyi leaving the secret room and returning to the house

Tacha and Seyi who were FAKE EVICTED from the main Big Brother Naija house to a secret room on day 21 of the game [Read More About That Here] are going to return to the house today.

Today Big Brother asked the housemates to prepare a meal as they were going to receive their very first house guest this evening [Read More About That Here], however the housemates don’t know what’s about to hit them.

It is extremely hilarious that the housemates are cooking for ‘guest(s)’ arriving this evening yet in actual sense Seyi and Tacha are making a return to the house.

The housemates have cleaned the entire house, made all the beds and even cleaned the garden.

The housemates have also cleaned up themselves, taken showers, put on their best clothes with the ladies going as far as applying make up for their guests, this life is just somehow unfair.

To be honest Big Brother has really played the housemates on this one in that we are just anticipating to see what the mood in the house will be when Tacha and Seyi return, the poor housemates don’t know what’s gong on.

So who do you think should be worried about the unexpected return of Seyi and Tacha into the house? Please share your thoughts with us by dropping a comment in the comments section below.

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