Day 25: Big Brother Bans Housemates From Sleeping During Day

Big Brother Bans Housemates From Sleeping During Day

Big Brother has banned the Pepper Dem housemates from sleeping during the day.

This comes after he blamed the housemates for spending most of their time during day sleeping, which prevented them from effectively preparing for the debate that they staged during tonight’s task presentation.

Earlier on today Big Brother asked the housemates to come up with a debate as part of their task presentation, but instead they chose to spend most of the day sleeping.

And when it was time for them to present the debate tonight, it was clear that they had not practiced enough. Big Brother expressed his disappointment in the housemates which then pushed him to banning them from sleeping during day.

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He even went as far as reminding the housemates that ‘If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail‘.

You are is no longer accepted to sleep during day, Big Brother stated.

So do you think the housemates will be able to abide by this rule since we all know they are simply not good at following rules, especially the simple ones.

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