Day 25: Housemates Win Their Week 4 Wager

Big Brother Naija 2019 Housemates Win Week 4 Wager

Tonight the Big Brother Naija Season 4 housemates have won their week 4 wager.

Tonight the housemates had their task presentation in the arena in regards to this week’s Big Brother Naija theme ‘Back To School’, the presentation was in form of a show with three parts.

All the housemates participated in the three parts of the show after which they calmly waited for Big Brother’s judgement on whether they had won their 100% wager.

Before making his judgement, Big Brother asked the housemates to decide on whose portrait painting was the best and after a few seconds, the housemates all agreed that Sir Dee’s painting of Nelson was the best.

Big Brother then rewarded Sir Dee with 200 Bet9ja coins as victory bonus for being the best artist in the portrait painting task, he also rewarded Nelson with 100 Bet9ja coins as victory bonus for being the best model in this particular task.

Big Brother had nothing but praise for the housemates’ efforts in the portrait paintings task and the individual presentations, but he however expressed his disappointment with the housemates’ preparation for the debate which he called the most important part of the task presentation.

He spoke about the housemates spending most of their time sleeping during day instead of preparing for the debate, but this alone could not stop the housemates from clinching victory of their wager this week.

Big Brother finally announced that the housemates had won their 100% wager this week, he then asked them to exit the arena but ordered them to leave all their portrait paintings behind.

Congratulations to our lazy housemates, it seems like they are now improving..

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