Day 25: Diane Advises Frodd On How To Deal With Being Rejected By Esther

Diane advises Frodd on his love for Esther

This morning Diane had a conversation with Frodd and she gave him advise on how to deal with being rejected by fellow housemate Esther.

Since the early days of the game, Frodd has made it very clear that he loves Esther but she keeps on rejecting his love advances to the extent that he has even shed tears over the issue a few times.

And today morning was not any different when he put out a little complain about the rejection he has been getting from Esther, I am upset I like Esther and she knows I like her, he said.

Frodd was in the bedroom having a conversation with Mercy and Diane when the two ladies laughed at him for crying the other day, they were saying that Frodd was crying because Esther had turned down his love proposal, something Frodd denied and said that he was crying because of something else.

Diane then gave Frodd advise on how to handle his situation with Esther, Diane made it clear to Frodd that Esther loves Nelson more than she loves Frodd and that it is okay.

Diane advised Frodd to channel his energy on winning the Head of House, the Veto Power and playing his game. She also advised him to channel his focus on things that matter to him like his mother and his future outside the Big Brother Naija house.

Diane went as far as telling Frodd that right now there might be so many girls outside the Big Brother house that admire him, do you know how many girls are on your social media page and might want to date you when you leave the house? Diane asked Frodd.

Diane was of the view that not all housemates will find love inside the Big Brother Naija house and that it is very okay, and that those housemates who find love inside the house are lucky.

So do you agree with Diane’s advise to Frodd? Please let us know by dropping your thought in our comments section below.

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3 Responses

  1. Johnbull says:

    Yes, Diane’s advice to Frodd is quite meaningful.

  2. David says:

    Diane advice to frodd is d best

  3. ADENIYI says:

    it is a good advice from diane