Day 25: Housemates Are Preparing For Their Week 4 Thursday Night Presentation

Big Brother Naija 2019 Week 4 task presentation task

Well it’s this time of the week when the Big Brother Naija Season 4 housemates get to prepare for their Thursday night presentation.

In the spirit of ‘Back to School’ Big Brother has tasked the housemates to present a show that typifies a busy day in school, the show must have three parts to it.

Part 1 must feature a presentation of the art portrait painted earlier in the week, the artist must display their work and motivation behind their painting as well as display their model, all housemates must participate.

Part 2 must feature a typical school debate, the debate must have a panel of judges, a time keeper, a host, three debaters in each group and an attentive audience, all housemates must participate but may only individually feature in one row. The topic of the debate is economics and government are better than science subjects.

Part 3 you must feature an individual presentation of a song, game or dance as taught by another housemate, housemates are allowed to have this presentation with their tutor as an aid, all housemates must participate.

Big Brother gave the housemates eight hours to prepare for this presentation and their weekly house allowance is at stake.

Lets wait and see whether the housemates will pull it off, the task presentation will take place later on today.

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