Day 38: Bisola And Bally Are Back With The Other Housemates

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 38, Bisola And Bally Are Back In The House

Big Brother Naija housemates yesterday were asked if Biggie could nominate two of the already Evicted housemates to return to the house, most of them opted for Bisola and Bally.

Bisola for being the life of the party, and Bally because most of them had a strong connection to him.

And in an effort to consider the housemates’ cry, today in the morning Biggie surprised them with the pair (Bally and Bisola) coming back to house being escorted by his ninjas.

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 38, Bisola And Bally Are Back In The House

Later on the Housemates settled down and discussed how Biggie tricked them into thinking Bisola and Bally had also been Evicted, it’s very evident that all the housemates are glad to have the two Housemates back.

Did you miss Bisola and Bally while they were away on their island getaway?

Lets us know by leaving your comment in one of our comment boxes below..

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5 Responses

  1. Emmanuel Faith says:


  2. loveth okwuchi says:

    Yes ssssss…… I missed Bisola a lot. I couldn't continue to watch BBN again because it was very dull, in as much as other HMS tried to keep it lively. U r most welcome my Bisola. #team#bisola#

  3. Anonymous says:

    I missed only Bisola a lot, bally, indifferent if he had stayed or gone home. But wats dis attitude Bisola came back wit?! She has neva liked tboss but at least she cld put her emotions to check, now.. she shld pls not drag marvellous marvis in her Web of gossip and hate biko, d gal alrdy suffered a strike in d past, markin teritory for married ttt wit someone dats not even ready to do 'd boy is mine' wit her! She shld calm down, stil got madt luv for her tho, she's d life of d party, no doubt abt dat

  4. Anonymous says:

    Dis Bisola ehn! Yoruba devil! Can't u b like efe, u don't like her yet u pretend infrnt of her like u do and go behind her to gossip like d amebo dat u r! Wit dat goat marvis dats notin but a furniture in d house, addin no value watsoeva! Why did biggie even bring u back sef? Cos I used to b a teamefe but u r makin me like tboss cos of all d undeserved hate u r throwin her way. Deres life afta bigbrother o! Madam afta 1 callin someone whore. And dat marvis callin someone beauty witout brains, at least she got d beauty, r u sure u even v a pussy? Man!