BBNaija 2017 Week 9: 4 Housemates Up For Possible Eviction, Who Are You Saving?

Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 9 Nominations, 4 Housemates Up For Possible Eviction

Once again we have four housemates up for possible from the Big Brother Naija house this week.

However the nominations were done a little bit different this week as Biggie gave Head of House ‘Efe’ Ultimate authority to personally and directly nominate four housemates he would love to be up for possible eviction.

Well Efe did the job perfectly and he nominated Bally, Debie-Rise, Bassey and TBoss.

So please let us know which housemate you’re voting for this week by dropping a comment in one of the comment boxes below.

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94 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    To add to dat, tnx to whoeva posted dis! Plss Plss and Plss! Let's stop replyin hate comments and attackin people likewise! Hate comments wnt change d love we v for her and same way u replyin hate comments wnt change d author's feelins towards tboss, it wld only attract a repellin notion to a neutral person! Let tboss play her game as far as she can and we also vote her as much as we can via sms VOTE TBoss to 3205×2 or via wechat! Pls, no instagram twitter and fb votin, dey wnt count! See u at d top

    • Anonymous says:

      TBoss please leave the bigbrother's house your time counts now. You are not wanted in there please.

    • Anonymous says:

      We want tboss in dere till d last day! She may not dance and all but she sure gives us wat to talk abt, plus she has a good heart and a sweet sense of humour! Tboss till d show ends!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tboss fans should vote via wechat or send 'Tboss to 32052' The poll above does not count. In fact some people might be voting above to mislead Tboss fans that she is doing well and so they relax. If you vote for her online, make sure you also vote via wechat or SMS. The gap BTW the online poll and big brother results last week was very disappointing

    • bwalya mbilima says:

      Am happy that I gave TBoss 100 votes from Zambia thru wechat. Am encouraging viewers outside Nigeria to vote through wechat… Its very easy.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Am so voting for TBOSS she knows how to play her game well.I understand and like her personality.

  3. solomon says:

    Vote for Bassey, he is just a quite and a real man in the house.

    • Jennifer Hawkins says:

      @ Solomon that's correct Pls gather more people to vote for bassey we chat pls

  4. Oshodi says:

    Vote Debbie Rise hun

  5. Roseline Bolanle says:

    Enter your comment…vote for debie rise

  6. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote for debie rise

  7. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote for debbie rise

  8. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote for bassey

  9. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote debbie rise

  10. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote debie rise

  11. Okenwa Salvation says:

    TeamEfe good morning. …..please u can vote for any of the housemates, but via Wechat. ….save ur money to vote king Efe whenever he is up, let's avoid *story that touches the soul* so we won't say *had I known* at the end…..please, a word is enough for the wise.

  12. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote debie rise

  13. Anonymous says:

    Bassey and DBbie must go home for my plan to work. No hard feelings especially on DeBbie

  14. Anonymous says:

    Balley is very dangerous buf he can stay this week…Bassey must go speedily!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Balley is very dangerous buf he can stay this week…Bassey must go speedily!

    • Jennifer Hawkins says:

      Bally is a gossip and jealous. Flirt to much when drunk he even likes smoking weed at Valley leave speedily

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mxm who ever win must win it's not like he or she go share the money wit me

  17. Anonymous says:

    Debie rise and bassey my vote goes for u both

  18. Victoria Eso says:

    vote Bassey AND TBOSS

  19. Anonymous says:

    Bassey and DeBbie plsgo home this week!

  20. Presh says:

    Guys please let's vote for Bassey, he's the real guy

  21. Presh says:

    Bassey should stay

  22. mathias boubai says:

    Jus voted 4 Tboss via wechat.100 votes.pls vote TBOSS.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Those outside nigeria should vote for tboss via wechat. Pls follow instructions on how to vote above carefully. In nigeria send 'vote Tboss to 32052'. The online poll above does not count. The gap BTW the online poll and the big brother result last week was very disappointing.

  24. prossy kiconco says:

    just gave 100 wechat votes to Debie Rise

    Feels great

  25. Alexander King says:

    #TeamEfe #Efenation. Debbie-rise and Bassey should remain! Tboss and balley should go home.

    • Anonymous says:

      Will u kipkwait!! Com'an drag dem out na! Don't go and listen to ur efe's wack wrap, sorry rap, b dere puttin ur mouth in wat doesn't concern u! Ntoiii u don't v d power to vote out, so just vote in who u like and shutup

  26. Anonymous says:

    I am voting forBalley and TBoss..Bassey and Debbie outtttttt

    • Anonymous says:

      Shut up balley and Tbose will go home this weekend. Who gave you that power to vote out bassey and Debi rice fool. Bassey and Debi must stay I've spent on them with good stuff

    • Jennifer Hawkins says:

      At hater / jealous fans go fork your selfs. bassey didn't come for romance but for the money. You cant force someone on him what if he is married. Ttt was married and was flirting with Bisola and Tbose and you fans voted him out what do you people want? You can never be like bassey. Bassey bravo proud of you always my savings for you till the need no shaking
      you will surprise them all. Good stuff

  27. Anonymous says:

    Everybody knows when its not the Efenation speaking!! BASSEY OUT! OUT OUT!! The king wants him out and wuld like totake Balley to the final.his will shall be done!!

    • Jennifer Hawkins says:

      Bally the treat or should go out in the name above ever name out in Jesus name. He planed on nominating bassey that save him last week wickedness

    • Anonymous says:

      Balley out out say I in Jesus name. Bassey is one of the 5 remaining to the finals with negative efe likes it or not

  28. Debby Fuja says:

    My vote to Tboss

  29. Debby Fuja says:

    Efe fans are so so blind not to see that the no one treat to Efe is bisola

    • divarie says:

      If bisola is the no 1 treat to efe and so what? My dear efe likes her simple,I know that GOD will choose the best amongst them so I have no fear,thou I still stand wit efe

    • Anonymous says:

      I tot d whole essence of pumpin in money to vote efe was so da he wld win at d finale, I always said it dat most teamefes just vote cos dey heard frm somewhr dat he's frm d streets not cos dey even watch d show, cos hw wise is it to support someone who claim to love, use money to vote frm inception and then let him lose d prize money to bisola out of sentiments, so in d whole of warri and jos efe no see frnds na bbn house he wan come make frnds and dash dem 25m! Welldon ma/sir! Divarie, abeg don't b an entrepreneur, u wld suck at it

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true efe always said he is romantic the street how? Before we're you for from Bush? We all are from street please like thin ton tony said he always talk of street efe

  30. nikky SA richards bay says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Park well, teamkemen wey g change name to nikky, can u see any oda tboss hater here? Most of dem v come to see her as d angel dat she is and dey v realised dey v been misunderstandin her all dis while so dey v surrendered, don't b like d proverbial fly dat it's persistence on followin d dead body to d grave led to its doom, cos if u don't back off tboss' case… lemme kipkwait for now

  31. Anonymous says:

    please you guys should atleast save tboss, she is real and doesn't like oppression.

    Her character is misunderstood, she is a woman who has stood for herself and conquer her fears.
    sometimes your experiences in life and how u have survived makes you look arrogant but not so.

    She plainly is for real and calculative on when to get in a position, that is not manipulative.

    She is a special person considering her mixed races so the excess she displays can be understood also giving the large family she is from.

    Tboss is genuine in that house but Debbie rise is the real emotional manipulator who toys with people's mind with an innocent face yet in a game of cut throat.

    Bassey as we know hate efe to an extent he nominated balley not because of love but a measure to discourage efe fans.

    Balley is just the most boring who can't win any game and has no meaniful contribution apart from hustling to be closer to other housemates who would always nominate efe and save him

    • Jennifer Hawkins says:

      Correct but am sorry to say thatTbose is the game of manipulators she always try were thefans are more. Watch her now she is trying to be friends with Bisola Debi rice ND bassey for their fans to support her no. She can't even sing why is she those they.! Pls vote her out

    • Ugigi says:

      Did you sincerely think she should remain alone? That is not normal for any human as a social being. If I were a housemate and once had a quarrel with a member, the quarrel wont be permanent. Moreover, they are out of reality and have no idea of who has the highest fan.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jennifer, ur point pls? Cos I don't understand wat u tryin to say? But if it's wat I think u r tryin to say,do u eva quarel witur siblings? If yes,do u dwell on it forever or u make up nd move on? Cos I don't get wat u tryin to say

  32. Anonymous says:

    Please TeamTBoss don't come here and do Vote TBoss go and vote using sms or wechat but sms counts more so text Vote TBoss to 32052 note spell her name correctly as I've shown you it's Vote TBoss

  33. ultimate bond says:

    While voting is ongoing,
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  34. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote for debie rise

  35. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote for debie rise

  36. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote debie rise

  37. DDTO says:

    Bassey out, out, out! And so should be his wife DeBBieRise! Out!!

  38. DDTO says:

    If anybody did not c how manipulative Dbbie rise is after the nominations last Monday, firstly the wishy washy story abt who she would have nominated, we are not fools because she would never have saved Efe and leave out Bassey, then the cry baby she was acting crying for votes and she immediately stopped when Bisola entered the closet, why did she stop if it was an innocent emotional campaign, I think she has been intoxicated by her companions wishy-washy deeds! she must just go with Bassey!

  39. DDTO says:

    vote vote vote…I am voting for Balley and TBoss, Bassey out!!!

  40. DDTO says:

    Efenation knows that Bisola is very entertaining, very strong and very real! That is why she connects well with Efe, there is no blindness here..This is a reality show and therefore the money should go to the most real person, as viewd by the viewers, if the majority of the viewers CHOOSE BISOLA as the winner and so be it! In my eyes, EFE, My IGWE is the most deserving housemate sofar and I trust and BELIEVE that the MAJORITY OF VOTERS share a SIMILAR VIEW! GOD BLESS THE YOUNG MAN!!

    I am also praying for all those that support Efe to just act like him, be calm, no swearing, no insults , just say AMEN to anybody who insults EFE, the KEY RESPONSE should be AMEN!!

  41. DDTO says:

    bassey out, no hard feelings towards him simply because heis competition! Out..seems like things are working against him if one checks the polls!Good for me!

  42. Nalute M Kwalombota says:

    Just gave TBoss 400 votes via wechat,I have 4 simcards and all the 400 votes each week are for her till she reaches the finals… #TeamTBoss with love from Zambia

  43. olarb says:

    Even if the world votes for Tboss she wont win the game. Efe or Bisola will win

  44. Anonymous says:

    bassey OUT!! You are too much competition!!! OUT, your wife can follow you, I dont mind..BIGGIE, pls evict 2 this coming SUnday, I BEG

  45. Ntafred says:


  46. Anonymous says:

    please for God's sake vote bassey.

  47. omobhude emmanuel says:

    voting bassey and saving bassey

  48. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    Vote Debie-Rise

  49. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    Vote Debie-Rise

  50. DDTO says:

    Morning Efenation! Big up to MY IGWE Efe, Marvis and Bisola….and to all the other housemates!! Have an awesome worship Friday GUYZ!!! EFENATION..we are in this to WIN it!!

  51. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote debie rise

  52. Roseline Bolanle says:

    vote debierise

  53. Anonymous says:

    Basseys name is Bye Bye come SUNDAY! Shame this guy! he has been too hard on himself….pretending not to like Debbie/giving her a cold shoulder when she needs romancing, takes the game too seriously …all work but no play makes JOHN a DULL boy! Sorry Bassey but your time is up!! Love u though but pls loosen up a bit next time!!

  54. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    Vote for Debie-Rise

  55. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    Vote for Debie-Rise

  56. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    Vote for Debie-Rise

  57. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    Vote for Debie-Rise

  58. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    Vote for Debie-Rise

  59. lovemoore kayz says:

    Efe for cash ooo

  60. Anonymous says:

    Tboss should win this game all haters of her should juss chill #TEAMTBOSS

  61. Lily says:

    Bassey is going nowhere…haters kill yourselves

  62. Anonymous says:

    Voting Bassey

  63. Anonymous says:

    My votes goes to Basssseeey

  64. Anonymous says:

    Lol we dont hate Bassey we r facing rwality…he is likely to leave Sunday according to the polls; we agree he is strong competition !! Hate is a deep word!!

  65. Seipati says:

    Hy I vote vote for Debbie rise gal ur amazing

  66. balogun lukman says:

    R boss should go

  67. Teamlove says:

    Good luck TBoss dear, love don't ask y?

  68. Anonymous says:

    I vote Debbie Rise she's entertaining?

  69. Anonymous says:

    So this Jenifer person with a blue dress or whatever colour is throwing her frustration @ people voting for Balley and Efe! Nobody hates your Bassey! We want him out because he is competition not because we hate him. You cannot compare TTT and Bassey. TTT was a desperate liar. We want to keep Balley because he is less competition. This is a game afterall. Just prepare yourself because it is very likely tha Bassey is going home tonight, we will miss his drive but will be happy that the talented FIT YOUNG MAN is out. No he is not married , he himself said he loves DeBbie as a friend and is attracted to TTboss. Where were u when he said that?

  70. Anonymous says:

    There is not a single comment here that seems to hate Bassey….everbody aggrees that he is competition..instead there are more comments from Jeniffer insulting Balley, Efe and TBoss. This Jennifer woman is surely desperate for Bassey to stay.. She should have posted loving comments for people to vote for Bassry instead of dragging the names of the other housemates so that people dont vote for them but vote for Bassey. Look at Efe, his strategy is only himself. He talks abt himself and mentions names only when Biggie forces him to do that. Be simple when canvassing for votes otherwise you will turn people against your favourite housemate.

  71. Anonymous says:

    I Jeniffers savings alone could not save Bassey! Sorry Jeniffer, sometimes u win, sometimes you lose, its part of the game!

  72. Ndulue Oly James says:

    I vote for Debbie rise

  73. Unknown says:

    TBOSS should live d house. many times big brother tricked us Nigerians, instead to take her out they re there fooling us.