Day 39: Housemates Lose Their 100% Wager For BBNaija 2017 Week 6

Housemates Lose Their 100% Wager For Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 6

This week the Big Brother Naija housemates waged 100% and unfortunately they’ve lost it because they didn’t put in enough effort to do what Biggie was expecting from them.

Tonight’s wager task presentation started off as an art exhibition and Biggie gave the Housemates the chance to interpret their paintings.

And after they had all finished presenting, Biggie wasn’t really impressed by the housemates and he had this to say, “housemates, you have lost your Wager, have a good evening, Housemates” he said.

The housemates weren’t happy with their latest loss with Kemen among the first to make a reaction.

So where exactly do you think the housemates went wrong?? Who do you think didn’t put in enough effort this week??

Please share with us by dropping your comment in one of our comment boxes below.

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