Day 50: Which Evicted Housemate(s) Do You Want Back In The House?

Voting Evicted Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemates Back In The House

Big Brother has given you the viewers a chance to vote back two housemates into the Big Brother Naija 2018 house.

After introducing a new twist this week [Read more about the Twist Here], you have an opportunity to vote two of the eleven evicted housemates back into Biggie’s house and they’ll still be playing the game for the ₦45million grand prize that comes with an SUV.

The housemates you’re going to be voting for include K. Brule, Khloe, Bitto, Princess, Dee-One, Vandora, Angel, Ahneeka, Leo, Ifu Ennada and Anto.

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Please tell us which housemate(s) you want back in the house by dropping a comment in our comments section below.

Kindly read the Voting instructions at the following link: How To Vote

Below are the SMS names for all the eleven evicted Housemates so far;

– K. Brule —- SMS Name ‘K.Brule

– Khloe —- SMS Name ‘Khloe

– Bitto —- SMS Name ‘Bitto

– Anto —- SMS Name ‘Anto

– Princess —- SMS Name ‘Princess

– Dee-One —- SMS Name ‘Dee-One

– Angel —- SMS Name ‘Angel

– Ahneeka —- SMS Name ‘Ahneeka

– Leo —- SMS Name ‘Leo

– Ifu Ennada —- SMS Name ‘Ifu Ennada

– Vandora —- SMS Name ‘Vandora

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