BBNaija 2018 Day 39 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

12:03am – Biggie says the Housemates will have to wait till tomorrow after their Presentation in the Heritage bank Task to find out whether they’ve won their wager or not.

11:56pm – The housemates complete presenting their task and are awaiting for Big Brother’s judgement

9:30pm – The housemates’ Task Presentation kicks off

9:20pm – Biggie is Truly Double Wahala, the housemates came to the arena dressed very well after ironing their nice clothes, all the girls have their makeup on… But now they’re going to clean the arena as part of Today’s Task Presentation.. 😅😅😅😅😅

9:12pm – The housemates finally enter the arena ahead of tonight’s task presentation

9:05pm – The housemates are all gathered in the garden ready to move to the arena for their Task Presentation which will start in a few minutes from now

5:30pm – Anto is giving Teddy A a hairdo

5:16pm – Teddy A is ironing his shirst

3:38pm – The housemates are busy discussing and sharing ideas about their latest task in their respective teams

12:53pm – Cee-C, Miracle and Nina are in the garden conversing

9:12am – The housemates are having their breakfast

7:35am – All the housemates have gone back to bed.

7:24am – Big Brother orders the housemates to close the front doors of the house and remain indoors until further notice

7:11am – Head of House Bambam moves around the house giving out new batteries to the housemates

7:10am – Housemate begin waking up one by one, Teddy A wakes up and goes down stairs

7:05am – Biggie summons Head of House Bambam to the diary room

7:03am – Big Brother attempts to wake up the housemates by sounding his bells but they’re still unable to wake up.

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