Day 83: He’s Back, DJ Sose To Perform At The Last Party Of BBNaija 2018

DJ Sose To Perform At The Last Party Of Big Brother Naija 2018

Back by popular demand, DJ Sose will be gracing today’s Big Brother Naija decks during the last party guaranteeing us a good time of all good times.

And that’s not all, expect electric performances by acts King and LK Kuddy, you certainly won’t wanna miss tonight’s party.

For 12 weeks, our housemates’ party expectations were met and for the final party, it’ll be a bar higher.

Despite the game’s gross unpredictability, the Housemates have always been certain of an electric Saturday night, thanks to the ambassadors of sound that have graced the decks and gave both us and the Housemates a reason to lose our morals on the dance floor and be locked in rhythmic trances.

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For the past 12 weeks, the Housemates have used the Saturday night parties to escape and rid themselves of their competitive cloaks; fully submerging in the fun and allowing themselves to be completely intoxicated by the beat.

From dancing through the path of ‘free reign’ thanks to DJ Scratch Master’s rhythmic jockeying; slowly tip toeing into their new reality while hanging on to their traditional roots, accompanied by DJ Snipe’s drum beats; the Housemates certainly had a new found respect for music’s ability to unite them way beyond their differences.

Just as reality sank in and Eviction proven inevitable, DJ Exclusive reminded them that a little fun wouldn’t hurt; and thanks to DJ Toy’s cool and calm jams, they were well ON their way to strategic success. The pairing dynamics did however throw them off and had them lose equilibrium but thanks to DJ Waxxy and the denim fever, the blue were blown away.

It’s careless to have fun without throwing it back and paying one’s respects to those who did it first and that’s exactly what DJ Neptune brought, old school fun with a touch of ‘modern’. As the House got emptier, peace seemed to be diminishing and as such it was only fitting that Dj Jimmy jatt brought it back with a touch of white.

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After a good couple of weeks in the game, the Housemates seemed to have become way too comfortable but thanks to DJ Sose, the tables were shaken and they were transported to the middle east; allowing them to shakushaku to their own names. Legbegbe much?

DJs Consequence, Snatch and Lambo were literally the Housemates’ saving grace, helping them escape Eviction scares; and now that the top 5 titans held on against all tide odds and left their marks on the gaming field; DJ Sose, King and LK Kuddy are here to help them furnace the dance floor for the very last time in the party to end all parties. It’s going to be a rhythmic affair.

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