Debby Felix Biography (Nigerian Idol)

Debby Felix - Nigerian Idol 2022 (Season 7) Top 12 contestant.

Debby Felix is a Nigerian singer, music and fashion enthusiast from Benin City, Edo state. She is a Top 12 contestant on Nigerian Idol Season 7 in 2022.

Debby Felix’s Biography

Real name:Debby Felix
Hometown:Benin City, Edo state
Stage name:Debby
Residence:Benin City

She could not believe she was on TV during her Audition, but it seems she is going to be on screen a bit longer because her talent took her through all the rounds of Auditions and straight to the Nigerian Idol Season 7 Top 12.

Her favorite moment at Theatre Week was her duet performance in which she was lucky to be paired up with a supportive person.

Debby hopes Nigeria falls in love not just with her talent but with her smile.

This music and fashion enthusiast from Edo state made up her mind to become a singer at the tender age of seven, after giving a performance that had almost everyone in tears.

Debby keeps her passion for music alive by performing constantly on social media, in church and in lounges.

Her go-to ritual before any performance is simply to gurgle water, smile and give herself pep talks.

She believes she will be the next Nigerian Idol because she has got not only the singing ability but the personality to back it up.

Watch the audition that earned Debby Felix a golden ticket below;

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