Gerald Ifechi Biography (Nigerian Idol)

Gerald Ifechi - Nigerian Idol 2022 (Season 7) Top 12 contestant.

Gerald Ifechi is a Nigerian singer and songwriter from Anambra state, he is a Top 12 contestant on Nigerian Idol Season 7 in 2022.

Gerald Ifechi’s Biography

Real name:Gerald Ifechi
Place of birth:Lagos
Hometown:Anambra state
Occupation:Singer, songwriter
Stage name:Gerald

He is an artist and singer who was able to impress the judges with his amazing musical ability, which helped him push ahead during his Solo Audition and into the Nigerian Idol Season 7 Top 12.

He mentioned his late friend as someone who would be so happy to see him sharing his gift on television.

He cites meeting his fellow contestants and mingling with them as his highlight of Theatre Week.

Music, art, and travel are his keen interests. Out of all these, he knew music was his calling because he always had the urge to sing almost anywhere and at any given chance.

He handles pressure by working out and taking time to reflect and saying a short prayer before any performance.

He performs mainly at concerts and believes he will be the next Nigerian Idol because he has got the voice, charisma, confidence and personality.

Watch the audition that earned Gerald Ifechi a golden ticket below;

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