Former BBAfrica Housemates, Beverly Osu And Pokello Nare Involved In A War After Beverly Defended TBoss [See Rollicking Tweets]

Former Big Brother Africa Housemates, Beverly Osu And Pokello Nare Involved In A War Over TBoss

Former Big Brother Africa 2013 ‘Season 8’ housemates, Beverly Osu and Pokello Nare took to twitter to shoot at each other all because of current Big Brother Naija TBoss.

It all started after Beverly Osu tweeted in the tweet below in d efense of TBoss, one of the housemates in the ongoing reality TV show of Big Brother Naija.

Beverly Osu And Pokello Nare Involved In A War Over TBoss

Pokello who was in the Big Brother Africa house (also known as Big Brother Africa: The Chase) the same time with Beverly Osu called her out saying she did the exact same thing to her. but this is exactly what u, bimp and nando were doing to me. calling me evil etc. so why is this one sad? – Pokello wrote.

But Beverly Osu who was having none of it replied saying; ok so now, you have to talk about me? I get it; because when you talk about yourself, nobody listens!.

Check out the rest of the tweets below:

Beverly Osu And Pokello Nare Involved In A War Over TBoss

Remember housemates, Bally, Debie-Rise, Marvis and TBoss are up for possible eviction come Sunday during the LIVE EVICTION SHOW and one of them will be taken out of the house.

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39 Responses

  1. sweeterthansweet says:

    But really, to an extent pokello is not far frm d truth! Dats why it pains me dat most of d people suportin dis hate goin on in d house rite now didn't v d oportunity or were stil kids when dis hms were in battlin for deir own $100k, I forsee exactly wats happenin btwn pokello and bev to happen to bisola and tboss in dew months not even yrs! Deres life afta bigbrother! Dis Clique needs to grow up! But biko, bev and pokello,make una both vote my babytboss o! Not just give us juicy headline abt her! Me stil love u two till today sha! And pokello, congrats on gettin elikem! Why am I seeing dejavu?! Cos u were also older than elikem as tboss is older than miyonse! Am I seein tinz?

    • Anonymous says:

      Correct! I tot I was d only one thinkin dis pokello-elikem/ tboss-miyonse tin o! Keepin our fingers crossed!

    • omosalewa says:

      I heard elikemdtailor and pokellosexxy r married wit a son, hw true?

  2. nikky SA richards bay says:

    its true they marriied with one kid and they love each other so cute

  3. mathias boubai says:

    Dats d irony of BBA n Life.i 4 c Tboss n Miyonce hooking up,bt let's vote 4 her(TBOSS)- I ve given her 2000 wechats vote.will still do more like Kilode.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please TeamTBoss especially those in Nigeria ensure that you vote through sms vote as many times as you can…sms votes count more and ensure to vote correctly it's Vote TBoss…capital letters V, T&B…thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    Tbosses strategy is really working on people always playing the victim. So what she and Debie rise does is what? Anyways its a game.

  6. DDTO says:

    will you people just stop insulting and vote! hay marn..dont you get tired SIES!Voting for MArvis to stay!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pls let's do more SMS vote thanks Vote TBoss to 32052

  8. Anonymous says:

    I don't hate TBoss as a person but I dislike her activities in the house. She's just too fund of herself, too selective, pompous, less accommodating, less tolerant and easily provoked. She has quarreled with almost every one in the house. D fact that she's beautiful, from a wealthy background, shooled abroad and had owners of private jets hitting on her doesn't make her most special than others. Efe, Bisola, Marvis and Bally are definition of being real to their true selves. Though bisola or Efe knows they are Both competitors, that doesn't make both to start faking friendship or start backstabbing, rather they chose to allow Nigerians to decide that. But Tboss? Nah, she's a backstabber, she did it to Miyonce because that's who she is. smart MANIPULATOR . My vote can never go to her. My votes goes to Number 1 Efe, then Bisola, Bally and Marvis. I would have voted Debbie again like I have done severally but this time, she chose the wrong side.

    • baby says:

      All dis epistle to talk jargons? Face ur own business joor and remove d log in ur own eyes first! When u see people writin list to criticise others it's cos deir own behaviour too is wack

    • Ugigi says:

      @Japhet, Debi was against conspiracy but had little option than to find companion in a lonesome as the others had formed existing bond even before the rule against conspiracy was relaxed. Like Bally said "you have to play the game or get played"
      The gang of 4 is actually a clique of 3+1. Bally is been taken along as a spare to unbalance a rival clique that may arise. Recall Debi Rise was punished by Marvis when Bassey saved Bally at the expense of Efe. Again, Bisola has decide to put Bally up for eviction in place of Efe. Efe will obviously not favour Bally ahead of Marvis.
      So in the game of the existing six, an initial strategist has gotten his arithmetic wrong loosing his aim for acceptance. Two others have been caught up against superior numbers and are hoping for help and sympathy outside the house. The bigger bigger numbers are confidently heading towards the final price with little foresight to a possible twist where fans of evicted housemates who feel their favourites were victimised at some point could decide to consolidate to pull a shocker in the final.
      I have been a neutral observer in the past seven weeks.

  9. Anonymous says:

    @Japhet Ilaya, you are very correct about your analysis. Dont mind those fake supporters of tboredom. I am warming up for the finals for Bisola aka Queen Bee.

    • baby says:

      Suport ur queen of fuck fuck and stop callin someone else names! It's cos of people like u dey ask us to confirm if we aren't robots

  10. Anonymous says:

    Illuminati now attacks everyone,devil works don't sell your souls to the devil,by fighting. Tboss is here for mission so don't involve yourself. Media is one of devil recruitment . The goddess of seegobe that's why they don't see eye to eye with Efe because he always reading bible,

    • Anonymous says:

      Can u jus hear ur self? So becos efe reads d bible like a novel does that makes him better off? Who are u to judge and call tboss that? Pls pack well if u don't have anything reasonable to say

  11. DDTO says:

    Yha she is actually very beautiful and its the attitude thats gonna gonna hit her big time because nobody out there wants to work with a drama queen…She has been given the platform , the door is open for her to act, model and present..but I just pray for the right attitude! She definitely can be nice when she wants to.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I don't like it when people are trying to defend Tbore because she's playing victim now and with people mind to see her as Angel…she's crying That she has been nominated severally that they want her out of Bbn asap but she had forgotten that she contributed to miyounce eviction by nominating him.She's a manipulator and with wicked soul….she can deceive those she can deceive not me…Efe and Bisola are the people that deserve the money but in Efe I stand.From Don Dollarx 042 & SA.

  13. Racheal Acheampomaah says:

    Please let vote for the boss lady

  14. Anonymous says:

    In your dreams,God forbids,the housemates are aware now if you violets tboss your evicted. What kind of game is this people they don't enjoy because biggy girlfriend is not supposed to be touched.

    • baby says:

      R u an illitrate or ur hate for tboss is makin u have mental problem? U too, read wat u wrote if it makes sense! Olodo, mumu

  15. Mack Dams says:

    Vote bally please and forget all the drama people.

  16. Anonymous says:

    You haters tboss has given it all in that house most of the time she cooking and cleaning toilet lazy bumps like efe and marvis do nothing yet you are all over claiming tboss na manipulator, if you were in the house you would do the same, evil sees evil wicked sees wicked and yes you are ……tboss all the way you like it or not
    voting tboss love from Kenya

  17. Samuel Lavalie says:


  18. UNKOWN says:

    I don't like the fact that she always plays a victim in everything, that is a game, she knew what she was doing when she signed for it in the first place, she is just used to getting things her way and she is spoilt. Giving us woman a negative picture.

    • chichi says:

      No honey, it's women like bisola dat paint women in a bad way, all d blowjob she did in d house alone… biko, reason straight, even if tboss is as spoilt as u claim, hw does dat paint women in a bad lite as against someone dat sucked a married man's littleman on national tv? May ur children b like bisola o! If she such a fantastic woman, say amen!

  19. UNKOWN says:

    @Japet, you are on point man!!!!!! Salute, my votes are exactly as you said

  20. Phyllis Mulando says:

    Vote Debie Rise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Let do it more for Debie Rise

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Anonymous says:

    TBoss is fake. Many dnt like her. BIGGIE Pls take note except u like her., which we all belief u like more dan…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Same here. Big brother favouratism is too much. Let tboss win we are going to ban bbn in South Africa.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Look at yourself devil angel busy insulting people that you don't see them, who's mumu now, hope your parents teaches you manners your moron. Sweating as if your lucifer himself. Go and fuck yourself devil.

  25. sam osakwe says:

    Tboss this tboss that. Incredible. She is real very real in her on way. Perherbs more real than most of them. if u r watching what goes on in the house before, we even airs what u see( MCR biggie). She gets upset or excited you can easily see in her expression. There is no strategy to her game except that she is real. She nominated miyonce right, did u watch wat led her to do so and what she said afterwards and what nomination system she preferred Bcos of the guilt she feels after nominating someone.. Am not campaigning for her but I no that housemate knows she is a strong player that's why the gangup. #vote and vote

  26. Anonymous says:

    Vote Bisola

  27. Anonymous says:

    Vote Bisola

  28. Anonymous says:

    Vote Bisola