5 Major Things That Happened On Day 38 Of BBNaija 2017

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 38 Highlights

In case you missed some of the interesting Big Brother Naija 2017 moments of Wednesday, March 1, 2017, we’ve got your back.

We’ve compiled five unforgettable things that happened on day 38 and you can check them out below:

1. Bisola and Bally who were ushered to an ‘island’ during the Live Eviction Show on Sunday, where they were wined and dined, while they watched the other Housemates on the TV screen, returned to the house after three days.

2. TV personality IK Osakioduwa was the latest celebrity to visit the housemates.
IK ushered Bisola and Bally back into the House and while the Housemates were still hugging and kissing the two in excitement, IK strolled in, eliciting excitement amongest the housemates.

3. After Bisola’s return to the house, she talked with ThinTallTony about how much she missed him. “I missed you a lot and I was watching you a lot,” Bisola admitted to ThinTallTony.

4. After a morning of surprises, the housemates spent their afternoon playing a game of paintball. This was their first Task for the day.
The Housemates took turns in their pairs, with one being the paintball shooter, while the other as the interactive part of the frame canvas and then vice versa, after a round of shooting.

5. During their diary session, TBoss said she would love to see Miyonse and Gifty return to the House. Marvis said she would love to see Soma and Jon return to the house, Bassey said he would love to see Gifty and CoCoIce return, Bisola would love to see Ese and Soma return to the House and when asked by Biggie to name the Housemates she would be least sad to see leave the House, she named TBoss, Kemen and Debie-Rise.

When asked by Biggie to name three Housemates who he would be least sad to see go, Bally named TBoss, ThinTallTony and Bassey; quickly adding that he had chosen these three names from a strategic perspective.

Kemen said he would love to see Soma and CocoIce return to the house.

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3 Responses

  1. nikky SA richards bay says:

    gosh tboss she offer nothing in the why she is there from the first place i dont understand there is no game zerooooooooo ahgggg she is boring

    • Anonymous says:

      Mayb when u learn to write good English u wld understand why tboss is in d house. Life cld b difficult for d blind, so I totally get why u can't see reasons why she's in d house

  2. Unknown says: