Frank Konwea’s Biography

Frank Konwea ProfileFull Name: Frank Konwea

Age: 29

Gender: Male

Occupation: Dancer/Artiste

Hometown: Lagos

Star Sign: Pisces

Relationship Status: Has been with girlfriend, Edna, for 8 years

A professional dancer, Frank says emphatically, ‘I am a loud person!’ The 29-year-old is an entertainment lover who says that his best quality is that he can dance and his worst quality is that he is untidy. Frank enjoys the music of R Kelly, P Square and K Franklin and says he enjoys most R&B, rap and gospel music. In addition, he likes to watch soap operas, comedy and the news. Frank’s role model is Ben Bruce ‘because he used his wealth and skill to define entertainment in Nigeria’. Frank also respects globe-trotting rocker turned political crusader, Bono of the Irish super-ground U2.

Meanwhile Frank himself is widely traveled having visited Germany, France, South Africa, Spain, Italy, Tunisia and Portugal. He says he’d love to visit Egypt and the United States. Asked why he should be supported by Big Brother Nigeria viewers, Frank says that in Big Brother Nigeria he ‘will not pretend to be who I’m not!’ Describing himself in his own terms, the 5ft, 8in Piscean says he ‘loves life and fears God’.

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