GRAND FINALE: TBoss Is The Overall Arena Games Winner

GRAND FINALE: TBoss Is The Overall Friday Night Arena Games Winner

The Arena Games overall winner was TBoss who received a prize from the CEO of Pay Porte.

As the season comes to an end, Biggie has tallied the overall times recorded by the Housemates in the Arena and has crowned a winner.

Big Brother Naija 2017 has finally come to an end and as Biggie had admonished the Housemates since their first entrance into the Big Brother Naija Payporte Arena for their Friday night games, all the times they had recorded during their Tasks will be collated and tallied and right now it is time for the overall winner in the Payporte Arena to be announced.

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We have seen titans emerge in the Payporte Arena, from Efe winning the first ever Payporte Arena games, to ThinTallTony and Bassey tied at three wins a piece to share the top spot in the Payporte Arena games; but we focused on the cumulative times accrued in the Arena and a winner is finally announced.

Ebuka called TBoss onto the Big Brother Naija Live Show stage as she was announced as the winner of the Payporte Arena games. The Queen of the Boss Nation walked away with a cheque of N500,000.00 which was presented by the CEO of Payporte Mr Eyo Bassey.

The Queen reigns supreme. All hail the Queen of the BossNation who is now the Queen of the Friday night Payporte Arena.

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11 Responses

  1. labake says:

    Well deserving! She really put in her best to win sometin, even tho it neva materialised! Abeg bbnaija2017, put up all d results from week one o, befor some nuisances wld come up here and start shoutin ojoro

  2. hope iriafen says:

    After all the mouth she makes in the house from 25 million spending in one week to 500,000 thousand, lol use that to settle your fees.

  3. UNKOWN says:

    Congrats gal…use that for shopping and paying off your debts….

  4. Anonymous says:

    Lol some nuisances becalling people nuisances! celebrate cause its time to celebrate! ALl the HHS are winners in their own rite because they got the exposure they needed..particularly the top five, its now a matter of discipline and humbleness as nobody wants to work with a "know it all" individual.

    With that said, I think Marvis will suprise people, so far she has been the most consistent Housemate in as far as controlling and managing her anger and relationships…I think she is under-estimated..people must watch out for her!

  5. christina says:

    She ddnt win. Not her but we CANT say what biggie decides

  6. Anonymous says:

    Tboss did great in that house far and beyond anyone could ever do… Efe is just a hater good men dont hate about people's skin colour he won't be having that money for long

  7. Anonymous says:

    mnxm…stop being bitter….what exactly did she do that let to her getting less than 20% votes…can u pls list these wonderful things you claim she has done? Hay suka marn stop being jealous for once…obviously u the one who is hating and jealous here! A person who cant sing, who cant dance , who becomes a nervous wreck when they have to present…and she said these things herself..for all we know those housemates created a star out of her..they taught her how to act and here u come talking nonsense..we agree she has grown but u cant come here and claim she did beyond what anyone could have done. All she did was blame everybody for her weaknesses….Nevertheless, it might have been her game..Now that this whole thing is over, .for once leave hatred and jealousy behind and wish the winners and everybody that was in the final success!

  8. Anonymous says:

    This idiot even forgets that Efe secured his future by focusing on education first before turning into the entertainment industry! he has a university degree…he has background on how to use-save money idiot..something u r forgeting easily.The fact that he does not speak English oftne does not mean he cannot communicate in English.. he prefers to use his mother tongue! becareful what u wish for another person, it might happen to u for the word says do unto the others things u want the others to do to u…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Well deserved she's the only one that kept the rest of Africa and world watching from a kenyan

  10. UNKOWN says:

    I wish all the contestants the best in their future projects, they were given a platform and I can guarantee you, their lives will never be the same, look at Ebuka, He did not win but look where he is now, hard work is everything. Congratulations Efe, you deserve it boy…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hahahaha..these people….TBoss was the only housematethat kept the rest of africa watching…and the rest of Africa gave her only 13% of the votes??? U must be outof your senses..stop telling lies abt Africans.just congratulate her for winning the payport games…which we all know that she did played well and stop being a hypocrite here! Wishing the top 5 all the best as they get back to their real lives!