After Their Hot Quarrel, Bisola And Debie-Rise Physically Fight At Midnight

Bisola And Debie-Rise Physically Fight At Midnight

While you were all sleeping earlier this morning, Big Brother Naija housemates Bisola and Debie-Rise physically fought.

Remember yesterday, they had a war of words when Big Brother told the housemates their task was to create a game tournament. Apparently, The game started, and Debie pushed for a change in the rules, which Bisola immediately opposed. [Read more on that here]

Hours after the verbal fight, the atmosphere was calm, not knowing we would be experiencing a physical fight between the two housemates.

Here’s how it happened. Debie-Rise and TBoss were talking while on Bed when Bisola walked up to them and accused Debie-Rise of hiding her panties.
The heat was on of course and they ended up going physical with Bisola grabbing and pulling Debie-Rise’s hair.

Biggie did not interfere or say anything, but the fight was captured on camera. We’re quite sure Biggie will address the issue very soon.

We all know physical fighting is against the rules of the Big Brother House.

Some reactions after the fight:

@mrmeson: “You all are asleep, Bisola and Debie-Rise just had a physical fight.. Bisola pulled Debie’s hair..”

Solaoguns: “Hahaha.. I just tuned in to BB to see what they do at night, only to find Bisola and Debby fighting”

Paulomax: “This is the best week ever! Ladies fight”.. More reactions are on Twitter.

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4 Responses

  1. Ugigi says:

    Disqualification for the person that took the first hit. If it is found out that Debbie did not actually hid the panties, it will mean problem for Bisola.
    Even if she had hidden them, it still shouldn't warrant a physical fight. As HOH, Bisola could have called a meeting, or suspend some activities in the house (if it is within her powers) pending when the panties are found, and put report of her suspicions across to BB. There are many civil ways out and physical violence is never an option in any civil gathering whether in institutions or workplace, howbeit that Big brother has a rule against such.
    I have personally fired some workers for this reason.
    What if Urilel had given Ese a physical fight instead of crying out to big brother.
    OR Debbie had pulled Ese's hair supposed she found out that she (Ese) hid her guitar.
    OR TBoss had poured hot substance on Jon if she had realised he hid her perfumes.
    Big brother knows how the potency of the rule against physical violence would protect his fake and annoying housemates.

  2. A South African says:

    If it was Tboss who acted like this Bisola she would have teared into pieces by her haters. Debbie is a lady … always . I cant believe that big brother allowed it. It means bullying and fighting is fine with him. Im shocked.

  3. Gbenga Richard says:

    To all the judges, it's just an April Fool prank from Biggie😁😁😁😁Na really wa for una

  4. bwalya mbilima says:

    Ugly bisola the eyes and teeth just