Jaypaul and Jackie B are week 6’s Double Heads of House

Jaypaul and Jackie B win Big Brother Naija 2021 'Season 6' Week 6 Double Heads of House

Jaypaul and Jackie B have won the Double Heads of House title for week 6 of Big Brother Naija season 6.

We are in for one interesting week as all the other 15 Housemates up for possible eviction from Biggie’s house

Today’s Head of House game and nomination process was combined into one event. At the end of the games, both the top male and the top female housemates were crowned and called the Double Heads of House for this week. The two housemates are expected to share the luxurious Head of House room in addition to the power to rule the entire Big Brother Naija house.

Today’s obstacle was broken down into five challenges, housemates were required to roll the dice to determine the number of drinks they must take first. The Secret Dessert, where housemates were expected to chug a cup with milky substance and an egg in it. The Keys to Success – Housemates had to get into a smelly pool to search for at least two keys before moving to the slippery slide. This slide required Housemates to be on all fours to make it through. The final part of the challenge required the House to use only a straw, to take 2 draws of the liquid concoction and pour it into one of the beakers.

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Fifteen housemates were automatically up for possible eviction on Sunday at the end of tonight’s Head of House game. Pere, unfortunately, was barred from participating in the games as punishment for his microphone infringement strike.

All the housemates were prepared and determined to win immunity and the Head of House title. Housemates laboured through this obstacle course with most housemates not making it through the smelly pool where they had to find the keys to success.

Tega and Boma were the first housemates to get through all the challenges in a closely contested challenge putting them in the lead. However, Jaypaul and Jackie B breezed through the challenge with the fastest times. Jackie B was determined to set the record for all housemates and held the leading time.

Jaypaul and Jackie B’s win comes with immunity from the possible eviction during the Sunday live show. The two Heads of the House were awarded 200 BB Tokens each and a Showmax movie that required them to nominate one housemate to join them each. Jaypaul chose Saskay and Jackie chose Michael – seems like it’s about to be a date night.

With 15 housemates up for possible eviction, this week promises to bring double wahala. We hope Jackie B’s experience as a former Deputy Head of House helps to guide Jaypaul’s debut in this leadership role.

Congratulations to Jaypaul and Jackie B.

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3 Responses

  1. Acayo says:

    I am very happy with what big brother did for the head of house. And for putting all for eviction this week. I hope this is the way to go now.

  2. Victoria says:

    Wooow this is interesting big brother really can’t wait for Sunday, big brother the game changer yes..if I were you I was gonna say Mmmmmmmm(•‿•)

  3. Gbenumi says: