Katung Aduwak’s Biography

Katung Aduwak ProfileName: Katung

Full Name: Katung Aduwak

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Occupation: Scriptwriter and Production Assistant

Place of Birth: Kaduna

Star Sign: Pisces

Relationship Status: Single

26-year-old Kaduna-born Katung says that he expects his Big Brother Nigeria experience to be “interesting and educative, because of the new people and environment.”

But he says it will also be “dogmatic and tiring because of the willful confinement to one place.”

Preparing for his stay on Big Brother Nigeria, Katung says his best quality is his communication skills and his worst quality is his impatience. He says he dislikes ‘class conscious and fake people’ because they are ‘very unproductive’.

Katung’s favourite book is The Godfather and his favourite movie is Coming to America. As for his favourite song? That’s ‘Borrowed Heaven’ from The Corrs.

This political science graduate also likes the music of Jay-Z, TuFace, Styl-Plus and the Notorious BIG. What can audiences expect from his stay on Big Brother Nigeria?

Katung says, “I love to party” and believes that he will be the ‘life of the three-month party’ on Big Brother Nigeria.

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