Helen Eremiokhale’s Biography

Helen Eremiokhale ProfileFull Name: Helen Eremiokhale

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Occupation: Student at Imo State University

Hometown: Lagos

Star Sign: Aquarius

Relationship Status: Single

Helen is interesting. The 25-year-old Aquarian from Lagos likes thriller novels, enjoys wearing singlets and short skirts and chills out to the old-school sounds of Paul Simon and Don Williams. Self-described as creative and motherly, she says that she is the Nigerian that she is most proud of because of her many gifts.

Helen says that the thing that makes her smile is ‘a good joke’. She also says that if she had USD 100,000, she would use it to ‘get my father the best medical care’ and to open her own company. A pragmatist on many levels, Helen says she loved to travel but ‘on good roads!’ One of her pet peeves is ‘know-it-all people!’ And she admires her parents because ‘they are really accommodating and very liberal minded’.

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