Kemen And Bisola Emerge Winners Of The Cooking Task

Kemen And Bisola Win The Indomie Noodles Cooking Task

Our Big Brother Naija Season 2 Housemates had such brilliant ideas on how to cook and present their Indomie Noodles inspired dishes to Biggie and set out to prep their ingredients

At the end of the Cooking Task, Biggie called all six Teams into the garden to present their masterpieces. Such vibrant colors were on display as these Teams aimed to win either one of the two prizes; Best Presentation and Best Taste.

Team 1: Bisola and Kemen

Team 2: Uriel and Gifty

Team 3: ThinTallTony and Marvis

Team 4: Bally and CoCoIce

Team 5: Soma and Miyonse

Team 6: Efe and TBoss

Only two Teams finished the Cooking Challenge, while Team three presented a raw platter of ingredients, which contravened Biggie’s Task instructions. Teams four, five and six did a verbal presentation on what their dishes would have looked like, as none of them could finish due to time constraints.

Bisola and Kemen won the Presentation Challenge almost unanimously, while the taste Challenge was also won by them. Wow good chemistry at work.

Seeing that the other Housemates didn’t finish their task, Biggie’s punishment was for them to still finish their meals and serve them as dinner. Some of the Housemates didn’t take lightly to losing such a seemingly simple cooking Task, and gathered around to discuss their reasons why.

At least na Indomie Noodles get all man dis night sha so no lele, na still lemm tight.

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