Marvis Reveals To Bisola About ThinTallTony Flirting With TBoss When She Was Away

Marvis Tells Bisola About ThinTallTony Flirting With TBoss

Marvis tells Bisola she was so pissed that as soon as Bisola left, Tony was all over TBoss. Marvis thinks Bisola was just ThinTallTony’s comfort zone and Bisola comments that she has realised that he is here to play a game and she is fine with it.

Marvis talks about how her and Efe had discussed the issue and Bisola said it made her think when Efe mentioned that Bisola is loyal even when her guy is forming mugu. The comment also made her reflect on her past relationships.

Bisola says she noticed Tony’s strategy and this was why she made a comment about ThinTallTony wearing TBoss’s T-shirt.

Huged themselves with the sweetness of the update and then Bisola says that if ThinTallTony tries to change because she is back, then she will know he has useless.

Unfortunately Bisola was washing plates in the kitchen and Tboss has asked Igwe ThinTallTony to give her that wrapped up hug he gives people with back problems I wish you saw how as Bisola’s face wrinkled and refused to look at them…….Lol!!!

ThinTallTony even shared a kiss with TBoss recently as you can see in the photo below..

ThinTallTony Flirting With TBoss

We hope TBoss makes ThinTallTony squirm some more and for Marvis, she should focus on the game and maybe Efe’s verbal content.

Share with us is your view about this in the comments’ section below?

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33 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dat man-marvis sure needs anoda strike, as for Bisola she's just a coward and a bully. Not much needs to b said again cos bbnaija Instagram page is alrdy on fire on dis same issue! I'm sure dere r oda interestin topics dey can discuss as dey haven't seen each oda in days. #stop badmouthing tboss#

    • Anonymous says:

      I just tire for Bisola o! D babe came back wit a vengeful spirit! Markin territory! Shame! Na wa, na real waa

    • Anonymous says:

      u r being unfair towards marvis because Bisola is her friend! Why are u taking 1 side? What TBoss did is wrong. The last time I checked marvis was a man. No marn, we must support our favourites but we need to stand for truth!Leave Marvis alone! TTT mst just grow up!

    • Anonymous says:

      woman not man!

    • Dulcie Attipoe says:

      What wrong did Tboss do? To the best of my knowledge, she kept pushing him away and few times she kissed him was to make him leave her alone. This clique needs to grow and keep their heads in the game for only disappointment awaits Bisola when out.

    • Anonymous says:

      U r lying! TBoss admitted in her diary session that TTT likes her and now that Bisola is gone she and him are teaming up! She even asked Biggie if he thinks she is bad bt Biggie never responded! They r both wrong TTT & TBoss..We all know that TTT is married so nothing will happen outside!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tboss was wrong for diplomatically puttin ttt in his place? I think u r d one takin sides here becos u r obviously a team marvis or team bisola which is understandable, but d name callin, marvis callin tboss a beauty witout brains and Bisola callin her a whore, u think dats fair? Does tboss deserve dos names? Probably u shld reason it well too befor u claim im being too hard on dat man called marvis and dat shameless after one callin someone else a whore. Dos who live in glass houses don't throw stones

    • Anonymous says:

      No ..did she put him on his place. Did she not on international tv say she was pairing with TTT? I will never encourage the rest they said abt her its wrong….I am talking abt the revealation of what happened between TTT and TBoss…I dont do name calling… of course I am behind Efe, Bisola, Bassey and Marvis…if they r wrong I will disagree with the wrong!

  2. Anonymous says:

    TinTallTony sure likes Tboss more than Bisola period. He was only using Bisola to save his ass knowing she is well talented and has strong personality to go along and she fell for it without thinking. What a mess!!!!.

    • Anonymous says:

      He likes nobody. he is married remember? He is very desperate to win..Unfortunately he is messing his game big fan of Bisola will vote for him!

  3. jumebson kim says:

    In all of these, it's TTT that is the loser.

  4. jumebson kim says:

    In all of these, it's TTT that is the loser.

  5. David Medugu says:

    TTT na wa, na real wa!!!… shame no catch u…

  6. Big G says:

    i dey lol

  7. Porcia Claasen says:

    Marvis must focus on her/HIS game!!!! Efe likes her alot but because it cant come to the party…he goes to Debbie-rise! Nobody complains but when our Tboss does something ITS BIG NEWS! seriously get a LIFE! and leave our girl alone! They all ultimately playing a game and the prize is HUGE!!!! Bisola had time to observe and what she decides to do is entirely up to her! TTT has a wife outside "" well that remains to be seen"! lets focus on your FAVOURITE and keep VOTING TO KEEP THEM IN!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No Porc..its the otherway round! TBoss fans are attacking marvis…she is rite by telling Bisola because they r friends…theresno need for them to call her names! May be loyalty is her game who knows! yes vote, vote , vote GUYZ!

    • Anonymous says:

      Tboss fans r callin her names cos she had d effrontery to refer to tboss as a beauty witout brains! At least tboss got beauty unlike her dats just a furniture. Marvis started d name callin cowardly, she asked for all d namecallings she's gettin, and I'm not a team tboss, infact im a teamefe, but I stand for d truth. Since bisola came back all marvis and Bisola v talked abt has been tboss, callin her names and paintin her in a badlite, as tho ttt is a saint in all dis

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont have time fo people who cannot read! I am not talking abt Marvis or housemates…I am only trying to explain to Porc that it is the fans of TBoss that were insulting Marvis..not Marvis fans attacking TBoss as she claims…that is the issue!

    • Anonymous says:

      People dat cannot read but can write!! U sure r dumber and dafter than I tot u were! I was even tryin to b civil wit u, but it's obvious u r a goat for da rude statement

    • Anonymous says:

      I understand…English is not YOUR first Language!Hence I wont be explaining anything further! SO SIMPLY BECAUSE U R TRYING TO BE CIVIL I MUST SAY U ARE INTERPRETING WHAT I WROTE CORRECTLY WHEREAS ITS NOT TRUE!I wont go any further with u! I just give up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Better that u gave up, cos guess wat sweetie, I v time for trolls like u! Incase u change ur mind u can stil bring it on..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Irony of it all is dat tboss got a clear conscience against dis women! Dey also smile wit her as tho notin is wrong! Tboss doesn't even realise d kinda green snake under d green grass she's dealing wit, d babe no send any of dem mehn! Not even deir ttt! She rolls wit d fresh bloods, d miyonses and Jons, not old men wit bad knees

    • Anonymous says:

      Was Marvis lying? She is closer to Bisola than she is to TBoss…any friend would have told their friend if they cheated on them…that is pure reality…its not as if she created a happened! Just stop the Bias…or may b u r rite by defending a wrong done by yo favourite housemate. Its both ways because TBoss laughs with Bisola and yet she grabbed her so called boyfriend the minute she was out!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes..they must not portray TBOSS like an angel..because she did not want Miyonse to touch or flirt with the other ladies…and yet she does the very same thing to Bisolla.. u r rite fans must not b biased! Nobody is encouraging gossip…Bisola deserved to know..and Marvis being loyal did the right thing…

  9. kehinde salisu says:

    Marvis and bisola FOCUS…The man u are bad mouthing for isn't even bothered.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Trust Marvis and Bisola to bad mouth TBOSS who has not been running after TTT and leave the real "arse " in all of this. Bisola fell for Tony who is clearly a player and now they are upset when he is running after someone else? Also if my memory serve me right TTT started making a play for TBOSS when Bisola was still in the house. So why is she acting surprised for? They must chill cos Ton is married anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      it does not make what she did right…we know the saying that men are dogs and will test a female…its up to the female to do what is rite…so her cooperating with TTT does not make her an angel..and people will gossip abt everybody does in the neighborhood.. We all know that TYonse is not scared of anybody in the house, she makes it small in seconds when she starts rubbishing them! LoL

  11. abijoroh juliet says:

    You know what guys for marvis to think she is better than anyone especially boss is a wrong move.marvis dfoesnt like people she feels are prettier than her. Ese,tboss,Debby and gifty.she never got along with those people why bcos she felt they were brainless and of cos kemen has told her repeatedly that she is more focused than them.she breeds more of envy than playing the game unfortunately her lazy and envious character is showing everyday.check the polls BTW marvis and tboss.she is busy gossiping boss to bisola who obviously is already doubting ttt cos ESE styliusly told her she dreamt ttt is married.Jarvis is talking when she is Buddy kissing kemen passionately and playing with Efe,the minute she sees derby close to Efe she complains. I will like her to tho home cos bisola has more game than her

    • Anonymous says:

      U r entitled to voice yo opinion freely….I would say she gels more with guyz than she does with girls. What if anyone said also TBoss thinks she is better than the other housemates? Ordering housemates around like a shebeen Queen! Everybody knows that so far Bisola is playing a grt gae compared to the rest of the females. Kerman has fooled almost everybody there and thanks God he is going home Sunday

  12. joyce says:

    Dis z da major prblm we AE facing in Africa…us gals tend 2 hate our fellow ladies 4 our bf's errors..we al knw tboss woz nt following ttt…nd bisola z mad as well I toutsh saw wat wozhapning in da house…nway it's a game after all