Do You Think Marvis And Efe Can Make A Nice Couple??

Marvis And Efe Can Make A Nice Couple

As regards to love inside the Big Brother Naija house, Efe really loves Marvis according to what we’ve been watching for the past few weeks.

Even when he’s not so good in asking ladies out, atleast Efe has tried his best in letting Marvis know what he feels about her especially after he’s taken some beer on Saturday nights.

But on the other hand Marvis seems to play a little bit hard to get though we think she might soon give in and accept Efe.

So what do y’all think about these two?? Do you think they can make a Nice Couple?? Share with us by leaving your comment in one of our comment boxes below.

Do You Think Efe and Marvis Can Make A Nice Couple??

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10 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    they make a perfect couple…they are beautiful to watch…and they r the only pair that has a natural chemistry! pity marvis is a tomboy…but Efe likes the Tomboy in her! I do think they will date even after the show!! marvis has also told Efe that she loves him…well under the influence as u say..but even when they r sober, the body Language speaks!!

    • Jennifer Hawkins says:

      nothing like chemistry the tom boy as you call her is inlove with kermen . she is not good enough for him at all. efe even caught her on his birthday giving kermen blow job and it hurt efe so so very no way they wont be anything

    • Anonymous says:

      Kerman and Marvis know each other before entering the house. People misinterpret their connection. They respect and r loyal to each other for that reason! Im glad that he is leaving because he is bringing a curse towards Marvis!

    • Anonymous says:

      One thing I hate abt fans is they bias! Efe also does nasty things when very drunk..he also does not deny it..he can be really useless when drunk…look what he did to Cocoice, to Debbie as pls lets not be biased…I am voting for him because he is real and takes responsibility for his actions, bad or good!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nooooo way, he cannot handle her Efe is a soft gangstar, Marvis is hard gangstar that does not like to be shown love, "lets just express everything with actions, leave the talking part out" . Marvis suit Kemen. And instead, kemen likes Uriels, but obssessed with Tboss. Please, Efe's type is not in the house. Efe needs a well balanced MARVI-RISE kind of personality that is not to either extremes. Kola Fadeyi

    • Anonymous says:

      yes i support you. very correct and efe is not ready to take over any love aside big brother he only want immediate love at as now not after so he too doesn't match her

  3. Anonymous says:

    wHY ARE you poeple confusing marvis and Kerman bond with Romance, they know each other before Big Brother! Its very funny becausse Efe has declared his love for her several times! well unfortunately guys we can help him win the money, but we cant chose who he wants to be with!

  4. Anonymous says:

    They do not match. Marvis has even said she does not dig Efe, he is not her kind of guy. She prefers Kemen but she is only playing along with Efe for the games sake. Efe equally is playing games too declaring his love while also eyeing Debie Rise. Na waah, na real waah oo!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    loL but the poll says they are a perfect match! May b Biggie needs to give them 3 days together..and we can c how they act!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think big brother should give us a 3rd option. I think marvis is very smart she likes Efe as a pal but not in a romantic way also been locked in a confined space with a few people can do a lot of tricks on your mind . Also who is to know of these love and all they are professing are real and not just for viewers . She is wise not to get her emotions mixed up with the game. Also she has always been a tomboy that has got nothing to do with her emotional or romantic affiliataions. I like her she is very real and just a regular adult not too immoral and not overly innocent so she is my gurl all day everyday till the end. I also like Efe alot and will like to see them get to the finals lets make it known for once its not all about showing us life porn that gets you to the top