Uriel’s Biography

Uriel Ngozi Anita Oputa's Biography On Big Brother Naija Season 2

Name: Uriel Ngozi Anita Oputa

Age: 30

Gender: Female

Residence: Lagos

Occupation: Musician, Entrepreneur, Aspiring Actress

Born in Hammersmith, England, Uriel was sent to Nigeria soon after birth. She has four very diverse brothers ranging from serious business man to one that’s really cool, complete with hair and beads.

Uriel is spontaneous, passionate with a nurturing nature too! She loves to cook, but hates cleaning up after cooking. She likes to think of herself as a master of organised mess!

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7 Responses

  1. Patrick Phiri says:

    Big brother it doing fane but u have to increase the number of housemates.

  2. Patrick Phiri says:

    Big brother Naija it is doing fane but you need to increase the housemates.

  3. Mandy Titi says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Soma is my real guy bcos is ladies love

  5. Kelvin77 says:

    Soma and Uriel 're da real dude nd Babe in da house

  6. Unknown says:

    Hey Guys, Kindly vote for Uriel

  7. Vuyani Tshazi says:

    Someonn caused Uriel to be evicted that someone was to be "He evicted" according to vote %