Most Dominant Big Brother Naija 2017 Housemates On Social Media

Most Dominant Big Brother Naija 2017 Housemates On Social Media

The Big Brother Naija 2017 Reality TV show had its official launch show on Sunday, the 22nd of January with 12 contestants living in an isolated house competing for a cash prize of 25 million by avoiding being nominated by fellow housemates and being evicted by viewers. With ex-housemate Ebuka Obi-Uchendu from season one as the host for 78 days.

The 14 housemates that entered the house are Uriel, Kemen, Cocoice, Bally, Marvis, ThinTallTony, Gifty, Soma, Bisola, Miyonse, TBoss, Efe including Bassey and Debie-Rise who joined in later. Also there were the fake housemates, Jon and Ese. As Big Brother Naija is going on, the housemates are causing excitement and eliciting heightened conversation among their fans and especially on social media with so many of them appearing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others. Every Sunday, a housemate is evicted by public vote and leaves the Big Brother house. The already evicted housemates include Soma, Miyonse, Cocoise, Kemen , Uriel, ThinTallTony, Gifty, among others. At the end of the reality TV show, the last housemate standing will win N25million and a brand new KIA Sorento car.
However, some indeed were more influential on the internet than fellow housemates from what they did, what happened to them, how they reacted and how the fans viewed them. Today, I intend to bring out the most influential house mates on the internet starting from the most influential and I will couple it with the most tech survey housemate.

Here are the most influential housemates on the internet and social media in particular

1. TBoss

TBoss’ original name is Tokunbo Idowu a Nigerian-born entertainer and reality TV show star who hails from Edo State, Nigeria. Being one pf the favorites inside Biggie’s house, she started her influence on the internet when she revealed that she had 7 piercings and 8 tattoos on her body. TBoss studied at the University of Lagos for nine months before going to Romania to complete her studies. She is well known for her famous romance with Miyonse during the early days of the TV reality show.
Being nominated several times for eviction, TBoss has survived eviction because she has committed fans all over the internet and this can be witnessed through the many tweets and followers that she has on her Twitter platform. So far, TBoss has quite a good number of followers on Twitter. No wonder, she seems to be one of the most favorite housemate in the Big Brother house.

Affair with Miyonse but nominates him for eviction:
TBoss nominated Miyonse for eviction even when they had become so close, things got more heated in the Big Brother Naija house as TBoss begged the general public to save her fellow housemate and lover Miyonse. However, this nomination led to Miyonse’s eviction from the house. Everyone was left wondering why she did this and her fans were confused by ths controversial housemate and her love life because on the night of the eviction, she looked remorseful for Miyonse’s eviction. Even after this infamous love affair, TBoss is still loved by her fans.

Her fight with housemate Bisola:
TBoss also had a hot argument with fellow housemate Bisola over breakfast, this fight was all over the internet and the talk of the morning in the Big Brother Naija house. However, after the fight, Bisola apologized to TBoss who did not accept the apology and called it bullshit. Later on, she even told Bally that she would not apologize because it wouldn’t be a sincere one.

Kemen’s disqualification
Housemate Kemen was disqualified from the Big Brother Naija ouse over sexual harassment on TBoss. Once again, TBoss once again trended on internet when housemate Kemen was disqualified from the house for allegedly touching TBoss inappropriately while she was asleep. It was an issue of argument since Kemen was immediately disqualified and more so, some people did not believe that he did it out of her consent.

Her marital status rumor
There was a rumor that widely spread all over the internet that TBoss is married with a child. However, her family took took care of this false rumor when they responded and solved this issue by revealing that the supposed husband is just a friend to TBoss and has a wife and that’s his baby.
TBoss’ rivals have tried to bring her down but she has ended up being one of the most influential housemates in the house. Appearing on the nominations for eviction several times but being saved by her fans. She even thanked her fans for loving her and saving her many times.

2. Bisola

Abisola Aiyeola populary known as Bisola, is a single mother of a daughter, an actress, singer, MC and presenter and one time TV host of Billboard Nigeria she aired on silver bird television from 2011-2013. Her fame began when she contested in the 2008 edition of MTN Project Fame. Since she first entered the Big Brother Naija house, she has always been lively with a strong personality and she hardly goes unnoticed. She has always made the house warm and she was easily noticed by most of the male housemates especially ThinTallTony. People simply love her and this can be seen from the tweets on her twitter page. Bisola has more than 8,000 followers on Twitter which is also a good following.

Her affair with a married ThinTallTony and then to Bally:
Bisola proved to be the main attraction among the women following passes made by ThinTallTony and Bally. Firstly, she had an affair with ThinTallTony where he deceived her that he was not married. Bisola and ThinTallTony then went on to have an exclusive romantic time together. But it was not long until she discovered the truth that ThinTallTony was actually a married man with atleast a child after TBoss spilled the beans.
However, Bisola became even more and more entertaining to her fans and became more and more influential on the internet when Bally started hitting on her. She did trend all over internet after one house party when she kissed two men in one night, ThinTallTony and Bally.

Her reaction on ThinTallTony’s comments over her body:
When house mate ThinTallTony mocked her body saying that she has a set of big teeth and that she is fat saying it straight to her face. Everybody expected Bisola to wail at him, but surprisingly, she gave a simple remarkable reply to these insulting comments from ThinTallTony her lover in the house at the time. Her reply was shared all over social media as she reacted and defended her body. Quoting the words she spoke, She said; “You actually rubbed it in my face that I have got big teeth. You could actually rubbed it in my face that I am fat. It’s fine. I appreciate it, but somebody out there would love me, love my teeth the way it is, would love my body, would love how fat and big I am. Somebody out there would love everything about me. You were laughing, making fun about me but its fine. This is one reply that impressed her fans and definitely increased dislike for ThinTallTony from the fans. Eventually, ThinTallTony was evicted from the house.

Her breakdown when ThinTallTony was evicted:
Bisola one again trended all over the internet on the night ThinTallTony was evicted because she broke down in tears which did not impress some Big Brother Naija fans that were biased because of ThinTallTony’s lies and behaviour yet he is a married man.

3. Efe

Ejeba Efe Michael, 24 is popularly known as Efe, and is a Nigerian rising rapper, songwriter, actor and reality television show star. While trying to stay away from all kind of drama, Efe is the most popular Big Brother Naija 2017 housemate, having over 60% of fans compared with the other housemates. This is evident from the eviction where ThinTallTony was evicted. Efe was the leading with the highest percentage of votes. Efe scored the highest percentage of votes with 51.97%, followed by Debie Rise with 21.78%, TBoss got 14.57% and ThinTallTony got just 11.68% and was evicted from the house.
After being nominated for possible eviction several time, Efe has always survived after always receiving the highest percentage of votes from the voting public.

4. ThinTallTony

His real name being Offiong Edet Anthony, ThinTallTony is a Nigerian, dance artist, actor and acclaimed choreographer. ThinTallTony’s influence started when he performed at the opening of Big Brother Nigeria’s first edition and has since expanded into acting, writing and poetry. He’s a self-confessed team player who believes in winning for all and celebrating good times. ThinTallTony is married to his wife of 3 years and have two lovely kids, Ella and Mayson.
Thin Tall Tony’s influence on internet started immediately when he entered the house because in less than 20 minutes after he got into the Big Brother Nigeria house, he was already trending. Thin Tall Tony got everyone talking when he bared it all during the housemates campaigns in the house. The dashing actor stripped naked leaving nothing to his fellow housessmates imagination.

His affair with housemate Bisola
ThinTallTony’s infamous affair with housemate Bisola would not have been a big issue on the internet, but what really made it an issue worth comments on internet was that he lied to her that he was not married. ThinTallTony was involved in a sizzling romance with Bisola even knowing that he was a married man. Hours after ThinTallTony lied to Bisola about his marital status, the internet went viral with pictures of ThinTallTony’s family.

ThinTallTony lies that he is not married, denies daughter:
Right from the time he entered the house, ThinTallTony lied to the whole world that he was not married and denied his daughter as referred to her as his niece. However it was finally discovered that he was married with even children after already having an affair with housemate Bisola. From one of the interviews held after ThinTallTony’s eviction, according to him, did some research and found out married people are treated differently in games like Big Brother, so he wanted to get himself out of that category. He also said his wife and kids is his private life and didn’t think it was right to share his private life.
Though ThinTallTony is now ‘disliked’ by most fans for his lies about his marital status, he has been among the most influential housemates on the internet. When he was evicted, there were so many comments, shares and posts on Facebook, Twitter and many others. But most of these comments were showing happiness for his eviction.

Other Big Brother Naija Housemates that have appeared or trended much on the internet include, Kemen for his disqualification, Gifty for her marital status and lies of not knowing Nigerian celebrities like Banky W and Falz, Debie-Rise and the rest. However the housemates that I have discussed are the most influential with TBoss and Efe as the most influential ones. As Big Brother Naija continues, more and more incidents arise during this final week that bring these housemates to the face of social media.

That being said, we would love to hear from you by letting us know which Housemates you think have been more dominant or trending more than the others on the Internet and social media in particular.

Please do so by dropping a comment with the Housemate’s name in our comment section below.

Which Housemate(s) Do You Think Are Being Mentioned More On Social Media?

Article Written by: Ekyaku Ruth

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25 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bigbrother,i see you rigging this again just the way you used Alexander Forbes to rig.after making so much money from the poor wonder ttt kept saying a lady wil win no matter what.just so painful

    • Primes TV says:

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Efe for da money & car, if he doesn't win we will know BBNAIJA iz a big scam + fraud. It will be obvious dat it wz truly rigged, I pray they don't try dat rubbish after using Efe to get make money from da Masses. Biggie be truthful, no rigging for da sake of ur show + good name + continuity. Even people dat do not watch da show pause & ask who is diz Efe da whole Naija is takin about, Biggie dat should ring a 🔔. #TeamEfe we rock lyk dat, keep rockin ur votes for Efe, God bless EfeNation 🙏

  3. Ugigi says:

    If TTT is a decision maker he would have remained in the house. Do you also realise that a company with brand like Deloitte has their reputation at stake? At what price? A reality show?
    You better vote or better still, ask your favourite housemate to quit the show and stop voting if really you think there is rigging. Do not loose or advise your teammates to loose their hard earned money voting in that wise.

    • Anonymous says:

      Who is delloite that can't rig.they hav made their name befor now.even open election is bn rigged not to talk of the one we don't even see.the whole world is watching bigbrother.God bless us all

    • steve says:

      Ugigi! God bless u! Tell ur fellow teamefe o! Cos I sincerely wonder wat d efe guy has done to deserve so many stupid fans wit just few sensible ones like u! Dats donly ish I v wit d team o! Deir stupidity and deir trollin attitude! Asides dat, efe is cool nd I got notin on him, but I stil hope tboss or bisola wins, ayiri wld give efe 50m alrdy

  4. Ugigi says:

    Gifty and Kemen should have followed the list. Cocoice' try and dear game with Bassey, Debie-Rise' kiss on sleeping Bassey, subtle use of her talents and fears over conspiracy. Not also forgetting Marvis tobacco wrapping skills, and also left out is Tboss inability to recite the Nigerian Anthem.

  5. Kenneth Robertson says:

    When you campaign and not vote, what do you expect? Canpaign na vote? If Senator support you, P Square, Ali Baba and all the celebrities in Nigeria, does that guarantee you a win? The game is about vote and not how many followers you have. The whole Nigeria shouting EFE efe efe, how many are voting? Others are busy voting and na mouth una get. If Efe wins then BigBrother na real but if another win na wayo abi? Una weldone. You all started with hate and made this poor girl so popular that she is getting massive votes from people and una dey busy they do rally for campus. PDP vs APC.

    • bajulaye says:

      I tire o! Na by rally? All d celebs sef campaignin,except 1 dat dropped money for airtime, hw many of dem even vote, make dem dey deceive demselves, if efe no win,dey wld just rant on page and on @payporte for abt 2days, then dey wld get tired and life moves on.. silly lot! So disturbin we stil v so many retards in naija, everytin must b ojoro! And dis same idiots dat don't beliv in anytin workin fine in d country witout ojoro wld make it bigdeal out of national anthem.

    • commie says:

      We are voting oo. Who say we no dey vote? We give EFE over 50% vote anytime he is up for eviction, how else do u want us to vote? Bigbrother, we are watching oo, no rigging pls. #TEAMEFE.

  6. Mecry Eyo says:

    You people should stop saying what you think and how u feel. D voting is very clear dat without light on it's still obvious to see who has the majority vote. BIG BROTHER CAN NOT HAVE A TWIST ON WHO IS TO WIN THE GAME. EXCEPT THEY DON'T WANT TO CONTINUE WITH THE SHOW AGAIN. KEEP VOTING FOR EFENATION…

  7. Anonymous says:

    It's obvious efe will win this.his fans are so loyal to him.people say efe fans don't vote that they are noise makers which isn't true bcos his fans hav been like this from the beginning and they keep givin him over 50% votes during nominations so u guys shld jst stop sayin trash.i wonder

  8. onos benman says:

    Efe tomorrow will be over ma man come with the 25m ooooo

  9. onos benman says:

    Efe tomorrow will be over ma man come with the 25m ooooo

  10. Favour says:

    Tboss, Debbie Rice, Marvis AND Bisolaaaaa

  11. Anonymous says:

    It's a pity that we here is southafrica saw it coming that bigbrother will definitely rig it up for his queen.she knew all the organizers from the onset.they just used Efe to make money.i just pity the boy.the result is leaked already here in South Africa.

  12. Ugigi says:

    We have seen promising talents like singers, artistes, actors/actresses, dancers, etc in 2017 edition of Big Brother Naija, but no one seem to have noticed revelations of upcoming prophets among the housemates.
    I watched Kemen telling Uriel that he sees something working for Efe that he would rather tap into than go against. Now we have seen Efe proceed to the final in a fashion that turns against his nominators.
    TTT said a lady will win the competition and since then only the guys have been evicted.
    Are these not signs of emerging prophets in the persons of Kemen and TTT mounting the pulpit the near future?
    We only need to pray that Bisola and Tboss should neither be their member or visit their congregation.

  13. Anonymous says:

    WOW!!, bisola all the way

  14. beatrice says:

    If the votes would be rigged.I have nothing more to say thank u Big brother. If this is what u see as reality, then u can rig, if using people to make money for u, and at d end u deprive them of winning, God will definitely judge u….

  15. Ugigi says:

    Okay now that many are so convinced that the results we have not seen has already been rigged (including residents that are in Nigeria but type messages with their fingers in South Africa). Let us settle the matter this way.
    Big brother should evict all 5 finalists today. Then Jon an Ese should take the money and share it between themselves, while Ebuka takes the car.
    That way, everybody will have peace.

  16. DDTO says:

    Thanksto God Efe won!! Thank youoooooo!!! u deserved it mern!

  17. Codedexam says:

    at last efe don carry the money ohh…..who i be!!!

  18. Codedextra says:

    Efe later carry this thing. BBnaija is bae

  19. Mp3 Download says:

    Nice one..