Day 65: Pere and Angel make it to the BBNaija Season 6 Grand Finale

Pere and Angel make it to the Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) Grand Finale Week

Pere and Angel have both made it to Big Brother Naija 2021 (Season 6) grand finale after taking part in an intense “Double Jeopardy Game”.

It’s official – Angel and Pere will both be among the Final Shine Ya Eye contestants battling it out for the crown. After their Fake Eviction last night, Pere and Angel have been cooped up in the White Room, waiting for their turn to play the Double Jeopardy Game: trying to disassemble a toy truck into all its component pieces in the shortest time possible.

When the two were given the green light to start taking apart the trucks, they were in decidedly-relaxed mode, and recounting their time in the House – Pere barely sounded conscious. When the time came – and after a few choice oaths – they jumped to the job at hand. The tiny screws proved to be something of an irritation for both of them, but Angel seemed to take an early lead in the game, despite taking a moment to say, “damn, bro! Biggie, seriously!” A few minutes later, Pere seemed to be quite far behind, and he seemed to realise this when he stole a few glances at Angel’s progress, but he managed to catch up quite well.

This game was intense – aided in no small part by the dramatic music supplied to heighten the mood. Angel declared she was done moments before Pere, but both of them felt they might be penalised for breaking some of the components, so there wasn’t much joy at the end, because it was unclear how that would affect the outcome. So after all of that, we still weren’t treated to a clear winner. Angel and Pere handled it about as well as they could, giving each other a hug and hoping for the best.

When Biggie spoke to the two of them, both of them admitted to not being as finished as they had thought, and that both of them had broken pieces. “Big Brother has decided to be lenient with the both of you. Kindly continue when next the light comes on.” When it did, it took about 0.75 seconds for Angel to say, “done!” After they were promised that Biggie would review their performances, there was nothing left for them to do but wait while he did so.

When Biggie returned, he asked the two to arrange the assorted pieces according to a reference image – probably to make it easier to determine who had done the best job. After chiding Pere for continuing to work while the light was off, Biggie asked him to count all the pieces he had disassembled – forty-nine.

Angel was asked to do the same, and she tallied up a total of forty-seven. “You are supposed to have fifty-four pieces each. Kindly continue when the light comes on – for the final time.” Wow – this really got dragged out!

Once again, the light was put on, and once again, Pere and Angel got to work. By this point, you’d be forgiven for thinking they would just prefer to leave the House than do more of this, but you’d be wrong – N90 million is a great motivator, after all.

“I’m done,” declared Angel. Of course, being first means nothing if you didn’t do the job correctly, so we still needed Biggie to check in. Both were again asked to count the total number of pieces – Pere had fifty-three, Angel had fifty-four. Pere had one screw still attached. “Housemates… as you were.” We were so ready to hear the winner, but Biggie needed to review their final tallies. Angel and Pere were certainly more anxious than we were, so at least we didn’t need to go through that.

While they were waiting to hear the results, life inside the House went on as usual, with the other four Housemates completing a Task from Patricia and taking part in the week’s Head of House Games. When these were completed, we were returned to the White Room and a patiently waiting Angel and Pere. Both of them regarded the challenge as very tough.

“How will Big Brother reward your tenacity? Why not give both of you a chance to play in the finals? After all, you play the game excellently.” An emotional pair of Housemates embraced in joy.

For both of them, this means a shot at winning the grand prize worth N90 million and instant fame as the sixth winner in the history of Big Brother Naija. Angel’s time in the House has been marked by arguments. The first was with Sammie, who made it clear he was romantically interested in her. When her kiss with Kayvee resulted in Sammie being less-than-pleased, she accused him of trying to “slut shame” her, although she did express regret at his Eviction. Her second argument of note was with Boma, a situation that she says she simply cannot forget.

This also means we do not have to say goodbye to Pere, who entered the game as one of two Wildcards, which put him in jeopardy of going home early had the Housemates managed to sniff him out – which they didn’t. Having cleared that first hurdle, Pere set about making a name for himself as a somewhat militant, very direct individual – made abundantly clear during his reign as Head of House. His partnership with Maria certainly left its mark on the House, as the two of them served as successive Heads of House. Pere had also survived numerous Eviction Nights, having found himself named on a lot of Nomination lists. Now, he can add this to the long list of challenges he has survived.

Angel and Pere now join Cross, Emmanuel, Liquorose and Whitemoney in the ultimate battle for your Votes. It’s Finale Week, which means there’s no Immunity and no more chances. Your Vote has never mattered more, so you know what to do.

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