Day 65: Cross, Whitemoney and Emmanuel discover Evicted Housemates’ Food Supplies

Cross, Whitemoney and Emmanuel discover evicted Housemates groceries

Today in the morning hours, Cross, Whitemoney and Emmanuel discovered all the left over food supplies that were left behind by the evicted housemates.

The three male housemates mentioned above were delighted and surprised with their discovery and it is safe to say they have more than enough food supplies this week.

Cross even went as far as saying that Saga and Nini were a “billionaire couple” because they left delicacies like juice and shortbread.

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Whitemoney and Cross kept themselves busy as they continued unpacking more Evicted Housemates’ leftover groceries, the former was too delighted when he recovered a tray of eggs left behind by Angel, going as far as thanking her for the eggs.

Cross, Whitemoney and Emmanuel discover evicted Housemates groceries
Whitemoney was left happy after he discovered eggs left behind by Queen.

After collecting all the food supplies that they discovered, Cross then suggested to Whitemoney that they should start their own supermarket because they have a lot of groceries in their possession now.

We can start our won supermarket, we’ll call it top four, Cross suggested.

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Whitemoney agreed with Cross adding that they should call it “Top four market”.

Cross felt like a champion when he recovered all the snacks and food and as such, we don’t think we will hear any complaints about food from him this week.

Cross, Whitemoney and Emmanuel discover evicted Housemates groceries
Cross holding Nini and Saga’s food supplies that he discovered from the wardrobe room.

A couple of minutes later as they began eating some of the food they recovered this morning, Cross had a mountain of food on his plate – something that scared Whitemoney a little bit.

Whitemoney was even more shocked at how quickly Cross went through his mountain of food, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

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“I will never invite you to my party!” – Whitemoney told Cross.

So how do you think Cross and Whitemoney will react if Angel comes back to the Main Big Brother Naija house given that they’ve already started eating her eggs? Please share your views with us by making use of the comment section below.

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3 Responses

  1. Neyoshoes says:

    Whitemoney for the money; 90M!

  2. akinpelu oluniyi says:

    Whitemoney for life!

  3. Maria Amunyanyo says:

    Pere pere win