Day 5: Uriel Reveals Biggie’s Trick To Kemen

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 5, Uriel Oputa and Kemen's Conversation

Well it seems like Head of House Uriel has figured out Big Brother’s trick regarding this week’s nominations.

Given the fact that Uriel is sort of feeling very guilty for not saving Kemen from the chopping block, she decided to take him aside and have a conversation regarding his nomination last night.

All this took place right after the morning workout that was actually led by the big man himself Kemen [Read more about this Here].

Uriel began by noting that she knows Kemen isn’t fond of him but she appreciated that he was able to “take charge of a situation” and added “You’re a dominant man! I know you’re not going anywhere!”

The lass then tried to put his mind at ease and said she had a gut instinct the whole nomination was a set up. She noted that Biggie said “Possible eviction not definite!” and concluded by assuring Kemen that she doubted “anybody’s going home.”

The truth is that this week Biggie will not evict any housemate from the Big Brother Naija house, he’s instead going to bring in more two Housemates.

It’ll be interesting to see how everyone else reacts to this prank after all the drama and chaos of the campaigns yesterday!

Kemen took the opportunity to open up about his own struggles and sad he wasn’t upset she didn’t save him. In fact, he fancied her!

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