“I’ll give Cee-C Double Wahala” – Nina tells Miracle

Nina tells Miracle That She'll Give Cee-C Double Wahala

It seems like things are getting heated up in the Big Brother Naija house between housemates Nina and Cee-C.

These two ladies are not at talking terms at all with Cee-C being labelled a bully for her recent behaviour towards Nina.

All this started when Nina was sweeping in the house, she asked Cee-C to vacate her position for a few seconds so that she could sweep.

And instead Cee-C refused probably because she’s too proud just like we’ve witnessed in a few past days.

In fact Cee-C went a head and called Nina a ‘dustbin’ in the presence of Head of House Tobi, well this didn’t go down well with Miracle’s girl.

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Nina then explained everything that had happened to Miracle, the pilot then made an effort and spoke to the proud girl ‘Cee-C’ about her recent behavior towards Nina.

But the ever proud Cee-C went ahead and added petrol to the fire by telling Miracle that she see’s Nina as her little sister.

So this afternoon while in the garden area, Miracle tried to speak to Nina asking her to let go of everything that has happened.

However Nina was still pissed off with Cee-C replying, “I’ll give Cee-C Double Wahala”, Nina told Miracle.

And in an effort to cool down tempers and resolve this whole issue, Miracle has even gone a step ahead this afternoon and called on the head of house Tobi to speak with him concerning his partners behavior towards Nina.

But Nina has insisted that she won’t let anyone in the house talk to her any how, Nina says she won’t keep quite because she’s not stupid.

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Actually Nina has made it clear that she can’t be cool with Cee-C no matter what.

So lets wait and see what happens.

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