BBNaija 2017 Day 4: Things Got Emotional As Housemates Broke Down In Tears

Big Brother Naija 2017 Day 4, Housemates Get Emotional And Break Down In Tears

Today in the afternoon Big Brother asked the Housemates to campaign for likes not knowing that things will take an unexpected turn.

Efe started out the session and was the only one who gave a light-hearted speech that had everyone in stitches! “I get plenty debts. Money no dey, I trek from Obalende to Sandfill!” Efe joked as everyone laughed.

Next was Kemen who said he was doing this for all the people back in his home state and that if he left it wasn’t just his dreams that were coming to an end.

Gifty was next and also the first to break down as she recounted how much her mother meant to her and how badly she wanted to win so she could reward her for everything she’s sacrificed.

Then came the shocker. ThinTallTony stood in front of all the Housemates taking off one item of clothing after another and talking about how Big Brother Naija was his last hope. He pulled off all his clothes and stood naked in front of everyone saying “This is all I have left”.

There were loud gasps, screams and tears everywhere and the Housemates had to disperse and take a break. People watching at home where equally shocked, confused and crying too.

Tboss opened up about her struggles with being objectified as a “bad girl” by people as well as her struggles with feeling lonely and unfulfilled. She concluded by saying that she’s decided to stop caring what people say and trust in God. As she spoke these words Cocoice screamed “Amen!” and Bisola sobbed quietly, next to her.

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