BBNaija 2017 Housemates Speak Out On How To Spend Biggie’s Grand Prize Should They Win It

Housemates Reveal How They Would Spend The Big Brother Naija 2017 Grand Prize

Big Brother after four weeks in the competition has decided during today’s diary session to find out what each Housemate can do to bring out an A game for the grand prize.

Bisola clearly admitted that it’s important to learn how to compromise in the House and pick one’s battles as well as listening to people’s concerns. Then Biggie asked who she’d share the 25 Million Naira with if she stood a chance to win it and she chose ThinTallTony basin on the fact that being 37 he didn’t have as much time as the other Housemates to accomplish his goals.

Bally said the most important thing was to learn to be patient and mindful of people’s emotions. However ThinTallTony show a different aspect on things making it clear the show wasn’t all about “play and entertainment” like many people believe but also a great opportunity to learn. “You have to be really focused” Biggie then gave him a secret task to repeat what anyone said to him whenever they spoke to him before answering.

Regardless of being the newest Housemate Jon agreed with Bally and Bisola’s opinion that you have to learn to be patient and accommodating of people’s personalities. He then completely contradicted himself by promising to step it up with the pranks particularly with ThinTallTony whom he thinks is easy to mess with. Let’s wait and see what happens when he “pushes his buttons!”

Perhaps Gifty was the “hurt” Housemate Bisola was talking about in her session because she got called out for being rude and over the top once Gifty started unloading.
And during Marvis’s diary session, Biggie gave her a secret task to only hold a full conversation when she’s on all fours or lying on her belly. If she was standing she was only to answer “yes” or “no”. This is going to be an interesting one.

Kemen complimented every housemate for putting in 110% in their preparation for this week’s presentation before citing intelligence and tenacity as key attributes one needs to win the show.

TBoss and Efe looked to think authenticity was much more important. TBoss told Biggie she does know how to be similar to the rest before she ended her session.

Efe even went as far as taking shots at people he thought were fake including Bally, Uriel and even his good friend ThinTallTony.

Which Housemate makes a clear winner and who among them has a better opinion? Share your comments below..

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