Official Voting Results For BBNaija 2017 Week 6

Voting Results For Big Brother Naija 2017 Week 6

Here are the official voting results for Big Brother Naija 2017 week 6.

The final results reveal that Kemen received the least percentage of votes and was going to be Evicted anyway.

Well week 6’s voting results indicate that Efe received the highest percentage of votes with 39.9%, he was followed by TBoss with 14.4%.

Marvis came third with 12.9%, followed by Bassey with 11.8%, followed by Debie-Rise with 8.3%, followed by Uriel with 7.9% and lastly Kemen with 4.8%.

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But because Kemen had already been disqualified from the BBNaija house, Uriel was instead evicted because she had the second least percentage of votes.

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11 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyone who touches a woman without concern is harassment what Kemen did is uncalled for Bigie made a wise decision

  2. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    D- rise check urself before close to that fake Tboss

    • Anonymous says:

      It's obvious kemen isn't d only perv out dia. We r talkin someone was sexually molested u r talkin debby shld b wary of her!its cos of people like u dat rape victims keep quiet

  3. Gbanger Tersoo says:

    Won't she go (Tboss)? Ur time will soon come, get prepare for the next eviction

    • Anonymous says:

      U kno wat u shld do? Go to sa, enter d house and use ropeto drag her out of d house. Animal

  4. Alashi David says:

    Big9ja made right decision on kemen cause what he did is not right at all, what he did is arrasment, I like the guy but he fuck up, that kind of guy can rape

  5. Lerato MyBaby says:

    OMG Team debi rise…as results r scary…can we start pulling up our socks. #teamDebiRise

  6. Anonymous says:

    I'm surprised at some people,So because tboss is boring in the house you feel that she should be molested?We know guys like U,Rapists!that's who you are.For someone to wake up while everyone was asleep,shut down the cameras and do such nasty thing infact I'm still very mad BBN because Kemen shouldn't have been disqualified alone but arrested

  7. Anonymous says:

    T boss was aware if not why did she get up checked her clothes and turned herself. Charlie she no be dead body. It's her strategy. As a woman if someone wants to fondle u or is doing that u mean to say u will not feel it eeeh na wakan strategy be this. T boss step up your game. This strategy na we all we dey watch. Attention lady this is entertainment not miss world.even they entertain us. Charlie now everyone is drawing apart from her check the space t boss. Why didn't you prompt him to stop the second time when you got up to watch the first time we all saw the video she got up to check it and went back to sleep again she wanted a case of eviction for the guy. She is aware of that she thought she was going home
    Shame on you nemesis would catch up on u soon

    • Anonymous says:

      U didn't make one iota of sense! Frm ur terrible English to ur goin off point, I don't even kno wat to make of ur writeup other than call u a goat, a big on at dat. Animal

  8. Anonymous says:

    Writer the last one from 6 march time 8:53, i want to ask God why he created morons like you, why are you sooo stupid and vulgar? You behave as if tboss is your wife. Control your anger idiot, you can't reason anymore. The is one thing now the devil use our emotions. Be careful bigbrother is one of devil platform. You fall for it. Pray before become victim.