Angel Answers Questions From You The Fans

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemate Angel Answers Fans' Questions

Former Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Angel got to answer some of the questions that the fans asked him following his eviction from the house this past Sunday.

Well Angel did answer some of the questions and you can go through them below;

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1. Jane Okafor : Angel do you believe you are a proud man?

Angel’s reply : I’m not proud ooo, just be say I just feel that there are certain things that a person is good at in life, when you are good at thing you are good, it’s not a question of pride, it’s just a question of being an adult

2. Ameze Chris-Eze : Why do you have to follow Ahneeka everywhere?

Angel’s reply : First and foremost Ameze, I didn’t follow Ahneeka everywhere, sometimes na she de follow me, but the point is she was like my only friend in the house.

3. Chimabro : Angel what next for you after the show?

Angel’s reply : Well after the show, of course I’m going to be making my movies, I’m dropping a new App before the end of the year, then some hardwares coming out from my Tech company so plenty of things are coming out, I go even drop one new jam

4. Anthony Udeme : You seem to know everything about everything?

Angel’s reply : Oga anthony, since I was a child I de read, I just read and I have discussions with a lot of intelligent people, so when I talk to people it just adds up to my knowledge bank and I’m a teacher, my work is to teach.

5. Rico Winner : Which other lady do you want in the house?

Angel’s reply : Besides Ahneeka, like in the sense of attraction I wasn’t really attracted to anybody else except maybe Princess who was my friend and I was attracted to her but current residents?? nobody else

6. Chucksz : What would you have done differently?

Angel’s reply : Your question is very strong, if I was allowed back into the Big Brother house, I think I would be a bit more aggressive with the way I handle some situations and some people.

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