Ahneeka Answers Questions From You The Fans

Big Brother Naija 2018 Housemate Ahneeka Answers Fans' Questions

Former Big Brother Naija 2018 housemate Ahneeka got to answer some of the questions that the fans asked her following her eviction from the house this past Sunday.

Well Ahneeka did answer some of the questions and you can go through them below;

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1. Cue Baller : Do you think you were evicted because of Angel?

Ahneeka’s reply : Hi Cue Baller, thank you for that question but I do not think Angel was the reason I’m sitting on this chair right now, Angel might be a lot of things but he’s smart, and he’s very strong, he’s very active and I even think I’m the reason we got evicted.

2. Tersoo Nomishan : Did you at any time have feelings for any housemates?

Ahneeka’s reply : Hi Nomishan, yes I remember when we first got into the house, hot guys everywhere, of course my eyes wondered but then you start looking past the cuteness and starting looking at connections and character and they all fell flat, to me, just for my personal social standards.

3. Adaaghanya : Will you give Angel a chance at love?

Ahneeka’s reply : We’ll see, I don’t know Angel out of the house so I don’t know what he’s really like so I need to first of all know who that Angel is, then I’ll know if I’m going to give him a chance or not.

4. Adetola Maripose : Who intimidates you the most in the house?

Ahneeka’s reply : Yeah intimidation, you’ll meet that in the house because everybody is coming with their own swag, but I think you just realise you’re never 100% perfect so you realise that some things people are leading up on but as far as intimidation goes, no I don’t think I let myself be intimidated by anybody

5. Akandu_eby : Are you allergic to water? What do you have against water?

Ahneeka’s reply : Hi Akandu, thank you for being my hygiene police but I did take care of myself. I’ve never liked water because I don’t know why I don’t like water but I do take care of myself aside ,you know always being in the jacuzzi. I take my baths, I’m not a dirty person but I just stay away from water as much as possible, I do the bare minimum required to exist as a human being.

Well we hope Ahneeka answered the questions well, so what do you think about her answers??

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