BBNaija 2018 Day 47 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Updates

11:59pm – Cee-C and Rico Swavey are seated at the kitchen counter having a conversation.

11:48pm – The guys resume playing table tennis inside the closet room

11:30pm – A few housemates like Bambam have already gone to bed

11:06pm – The housemates are having dinner

10:03pm – Teddy A and Bambam are in the bathroom bathing together

9:09pm – The boys head straight to the closet room and begin playing table tennis

9:06 – Housemates leave the arena and move back inside the house

9:03pm – The Friday night PayPorte arena games end with Bambam emerging as the winner.

8:00pm – Housemates are in the arena for Week 7’s Friday night PayPorte arena games

6:20pm – Most housemates are in their beds sleeping now

5:25pm – The boys are playing table tennis inside the closet room

4:57pm – Finally Big Brother calls Tobi to the diary room, much to the excitement of the other Housemates

4:35pm – Miyonse announces Bambam as the winner of the Samvita cooking task.

2:15pm – The Housemates are in the Arena for their Samvita Cooking Task and Former #BBNaija Housemate Miyonse is the Judge and Guide in this Task…

12:40pm – The Housemates are going to take part in a Cooking Task sponsored by Samvita, lets wait and see who wins it.

12:17pm – Teddy A is in the kitchen preparing himself something to eat..

11:46am -Cee-C is doing laundry

11:04am – Most housemates are busy with their Nokia task ahead of their presentation today

10:58am – Bambam and Cee-C are sharing a few ideas here and there about the Nokia task as the former is ironing her clothes.

10:50am – Finally Big Brother allows the housemates to get back inside the house.

10:35am – Tobi and Rico Swavey are busy working and putting final touches on their Nokia task

10:32am – Nina and Miracle are having a one on one conversation in the garden

10:39am – Some ladies who include Cee-C, Anto and Bambam are busy applying makeup.

10:25am – Big Brother’s ninja enters the house and brings packages to the housemates.

10:15am – The housemates are in the garden

9:31am – Miracle and Nina are having a conversation as the latter is doing some laundry.

7:30am – The housemates have started waking up.

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