BBNaija Day 10 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

9:30pm – Housemates have their dinner

5:24pm – Biggie finally unfreezes the housemates.

5:18pm – Biggie’s female Ninja leaves the house after messing around with the FROZEN housemates

5:10pm – Biggie’s female Ninja is still inside the house doing all sorts of funny things on the Housemates as they remain FROZEN.

5:05pm – Biggie tells all the housemates to FREEZE, he then lets a female Ninja into the house

4:12pm – It’s time for lunch in the Big Brother Naija house as the housemates are having their meal

3:10pm – Vandora is getting a hairdo from the girls

2:20pm – While having a conversation in the garden, Nina tells Miracle that she’s going to give Cee-C Double Wahala

12:40pm – Anto and Lolu are on the couch with Anto resting on Lolu’s laps… #BaeGoals

12:28pm – Miracle and Princess are discussing who loves who in the house

12:05pm – housemates have now left the arena and they’re back inside the house following an awesome choreography session.

12:01pm – The housemates Choreography session is now over, surely they had fun..

11:50am – Housemates are really enjoying their choreography session in the arena

11:40am – housemates kick off their choreography lesson

11:35am – In the arena, housemates meet a choreographer whose name is Thomas from a group called Soweto’s Finest, Biggie has brought him into the house to give the housemates some choreography.

11:30am – Biggie instructs all housemates to move to the arena

11:20am – head of house Tobi reads Big Brother’s latest brief regarding this week’s task to his fellow housemates

10:55am – Princess, Tobi, Leo are having a conversation, & Princess is saying that she’s easily judged because she’s cute.

10:35am – Lolu is giving Anto a massage

9:32am – Housemates accompany their breakfast with a juicy conversation

9:23am – Since we all know how much they love to eat, the housemates are having their breakfast

8:54am – Housemates are done with their morning work out session

7:54am – Housemates make their way into the Arena and kick off their morning work out

7:45am – Big Brother instructs housemates to move to the garden in preparation of their morning work out in the arena

7:20am – Big Brother calls head of house Tobi to the diary room

7:05am – Housemates are waking up one by one

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