Day 9: Housemates Receive Their Task Brief For Week 2

Day 9: Housemates Receive Task Brief For Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 2

This morning the housemates have received this week’s task brief from Big Brother.

Biggie called Head of House Tobi to the diary room and gave him a task brief he should read out to all the other housemates.

And after gathering them all in the lounge, Tobi read out the task brief to the housemates.

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Well below is what the task brief says;

Biggie wants housemates to spend the next 2 days putting up together a radio drama and pantomime production.

Biggie asks that the housemates must divide themselves into 3 groups and these are, the co-production team, the voice actors and the pantomime actors.

The co-production team will be in charge of all the core production, team writing and producing. The voice actors will be the only group whose voices will be heard on the whole production and during the presentation of the drama and production, the pantomime actors will be the group bringing the story to life, they will only act and will not be allowed to talk during the presentation, Biggie expects the pantomime actors to go beyond miming by adding exaggerating moves.

Biggie expects all the housemates to fully participate in the task, he also wants all the housemates’ contests to be original.

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Biggie is further asking the housemates for once to challenge themselves and be creative in this week’s task.

The housemates will receive the writing materials tomorrow and the task presentation will take place on Thursday evening.

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