BBNaija Day 15 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2018 Live Feed Blog

7:25pm – head of house Khloe saves Leo & Alex’s pair fro possible eviction this week

3:10pm – Biggie’s Ninjas have hooked the housemates in pairs after which Biggie told the housemates to UNFREEZE, we’re just wondering what Biggie is up to!!!!

2:59pm – Big Brother asks the housemates to stand up and without knowing what he was up to, they all stand up, he immediately tells them to FREEZE and then sends in his Ninjas..

2:35pm – head of house Khloe reads out Biggie’s latest brief to the housemates, the brief contains this week’s theme and wager details

2:30pm – Big Brother’s Ninja enters the house with a brief to to the head of house.

2:00pm – Alex, K. Brule and Rico Swavey are in the lounge dancing to Biggie’s music

1:40pm – New head of house Khloe jokes with the housemates as she tells them that they must bring her food upstairs in her luxury bedroom.

1:32pm – Khloe wins the head of house challenge there by becoming this week’s Head of House.

1:20pm – The head of house challenge kicks off with out going head of house Tobi acting as the ampire.

1:10pm – Big Brother orders the housemates to move to the arena ahead of this week’s final stage of head of house challenge.

11:19am – Big Brother orders the housemates to clean all the windows of the house

9:45am – housemates are having their breakfast

9:03am – some housemates are now preparing their breakfast while the other are cleaning up, taking showers and changing clothes

8:50am – The housemates are done with their morning workout

7:30am – housemates move to the arena and start taking part in their morning workout led by Ifu Ennada

7:00am – housemates wake up

Good morning to you all Big Brother Naija fans out there and we welcome you to Day 15 of season 3, please share with us your favourite moments of Day 14.

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5 Responses

  1. Cynthia Ekezie says:

    The set of housemates this year made this season very uninterested. I think this is a lesson for Big Brother, you should know the kind of people you select. They all act like kids. This year is supposed to be better than last year but yet this year is nonsense.

  2. South Africa says:

    I totally agree with you Cynthia, we don't know the reason they are in the house, what their future goals are, they just there and gossip about each other and worry about what the viewers and last season's contestants. I think this pairing also made things worse, now it's just about them guessing what it means. BB please do something it's really a let down.

  3. Anonymous says:

    really lack maturity in every way! But I do think there is hunger on Teddy As side! You could see how frustrated he was when they were disqualifiedd from the HOH challenge!

  4. sylvia wanjohi says:

    Biggie should change their partners.

  5. Anonymous says:

    i don't really like this pairing thing jawe and the fact that they cant interact with other housemates apart from their pair is annoying and boring