Day 14: 3 Housemates Qualify For Week 3 Head of House Task

Big Brother Naija 2018 Week 3 Head of House Qualifier Task

For tonight’s head of house qualifier challenge in the Big Brother Naija house, a purse packed with balls has been wrapped in the housemates’ waist using a belt.

The housemates were required to shake their bodies so as to drop as many balls as possible and after a 90 second counter, housemates with the least number of balls remaining in the purse would qualify for tomorrow’s head of house challenge.

The housemates have been divided into two groups and that is to say one group made up of only males and the other made up of only females.

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Only two housemates were eligible to qualify in each group and the females’ group was the first to take part in the challenge.

But before they began, biggie tasked the male housemates to provide the females with music by singing a song of their choice while they took part in the challenge.

And in turn the female housemates were also expected to provide music to the male housemates as they took part in the challenge.

Big Brother then sounded the buzzer and the females began shaking their bodies as the males sang and after 90 seconds, there was a tie between three ladies, Bambam, Khloe and Ifu Ennada.

Mean while Vandora was disqualified for breaking the rules and touching her purse while the game was on.

The male housemates then lined up to take part in the challenge and at the sound of the buzzer they began, however the female housemates disobeyed Big Brother’s rules and refused to provide music for the males. Instead they focused on cheering up their male game partners.

Now this didn’t go down well Big Brother and as a punishment, he then decided to disqualify all the male housemates from the entire challenge.

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It really seems like the Big Brother Naija housemates of this season don’t take Biggie serious when he orders them to do something.

Big Brother then announced that only the three ladies who had tied up in the ladies’ challenge had qualified for tomorrow’s head of house challenge.

Therefore, Khloe, Ifu Ennada and Bambam have all qualified to participate in week’s head of house challenge and congratulations to them.

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