Day 21: Khloe And K. Brule Have Been Disqualified From Big Brother Naija 2018

Khloe And K. Brule Disqualified From Big Brother Naija 2018

We have sad news coming in, Biggie has disqualified Khloe and K. Brule from Big Brother Naija 2018.

In a shocking turn of events , Biggie issues three strikes for provocation.

The Housemates seem to have a problem following Biggie’s rules and this evening it all came to a head when he issued three Strikes to Khloe, K. Brule and Dee-One for provacation.

This week was one where everyone was walking on tender hooks, well, everyone but, Khloe. It’s no secret that she has always been a straight talker but she really took it too far last night when she openly called K.Brule’s mother something that no one should ever say.

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Due to this offense of provocation, Big Brother gave Khloe a Strike, putting the pair on two Strikes but this time her lack of tact dragged her into the worst punishment Big Brother could give, dismissal from the House. This is thanks in part to the behaviour of her partner.

Tonight was not a good one for the pair of K_Squared, K. Brule, who has been openly emotional and sensitive throughout his time in the House also pushed Big brother too far.

Last night, after threatening to assault Dee-One as well as being called to the Diary Room numerous times and still not responding, eventually having to get carried by his fellow Housemates to the Diary room.

This act of utter defiance, put the pair on three Strikes which is what led to them being disqualified from the House.

Biggie was not playing any games this evening, it is time that the Housemates fully realised that this is Big Brother’s House and they need to follow his rules.

A Strike was issued to Housemate Dee-One for his constant provocation in the House.

Things are getting very real, very fast in the House – What do you think of tonight’s Strikes?

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1 Response

  1. bellarh jhones says:

    haba….. biggie i loved k.brule he was the most handsome dude in the house plus dee one got what he deserved but why punish vandora to!!! please unpair them… thank you