Biggie Rewards Khloe As She And Lolu Reveal Their Secret tasks

Big Brother Rewards Khloe And Lolu

Lolu and this week’s head of house Khloe finally revealed to their fellow housemates the secret tasks that Big Brother gave them.

All this happened last night following the housemates’ disappointing performance in this week’s Friday night PayPorte arena games [Read More About These Games Here].

Big Brother summoned all the housemates to the lounge where he asked both Lolu and Khloe to reveal their secret tasks, Biggie then gave his judging with Khloe successfully nailing her task as she was able to make K. Brule jealous.

Lolu on the other hand failed as Big Brother believed he could have done better, Biggie also rewarded K. Brule, Ahneeka, Leo and Vandora as the only housemates that came close to figuring out what Khloe and Lolu’s tasks were.

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And as a reward for successfully executing their secret tasks, Biggie gave Khloe, Leo, K. Brule, Vandora and Ahneeka rewards in form of snacks and drinks..

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