Big Brother Naija 2019 Day 25 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija 2019 Day 25 Live Feed Blog

Big Brother Naija Season 4 Day 25 Live Feed Blog: follow our live feed blog for all the latest updates on whatever happens inside the Big Brother Naija house.

11:47 PM – Tacha and Seyi are inside the closet room having a conversation.

11:12 PM – Big Brother informs the housemates that the store is now open for them to picks the drinks he has sent them, Ike steals one bottle from the store and runs to hide it.

11:08 PM – Jackye and Khafi enjoy a conversation as they eat their dinner meal.

10:49 PM – Frodd, Sir Dee and Thelma are in the garden playing Mancala game.

10:35 PM – Before the housemates exit the arena, Big Brother informs them of his decision banning then from sleeping again during day [Read More About This Here].

10:34 PM – The housemates task presentation comes to an end with victory as the win their 100% wager for this week [Read More About This Here].

9:00 PM – Housemates enter the arena for their task presentation.

8:26 PM – Housemates are preparing for their task presentation.

730:PM – Mike’s diary session.

6:47 PM – Khafi’s diary session.

6:39 PM – Seyi’s diary session.

6:27 PM – Ike’s diary session.

6:18 PM – Frodd’s diary session.

5:59 PM – Thelma’s diary session.

5:53 PM – Tacha’s diary session.

5:44 PM – Jeff’s diary session.

5:16 PM – Mercy’s diary session, she even shed a few tears while in the diary room.

5:04 PM – Omashola’s diary session

4:57 PM – While having a conversation on Nelson’s bed, Esther tells Nelson that she doesn’t want to have a conversation with Frodd again because he’s so defensive.

4:43 PM – Diane is in the diary room for her diary session.

4:32 PM – Big Brother summons Gedoni to the diary room.

4:31 PM – Nelson’s diary session comes to an end, then exits the diary room.

4:25 PM – Big Brother calls Nelson to the diary room for his diary session.

4:24 PM – Esther’s diary session comes and she exits the diary room.

4:17 PM – Big Brother summons Esther to the diary room for her diary session.

4:16 PM – Sir Dee exits his the diary room after having his diary session, Big Brother has tasked him to steal one housemates’ love letter.

4:07 PM – Big Brother summons Sir Dee to the diary room for his diary session.

4:03 PM – Sir Dee and Esther are in the garden having a conversation.

3:57 PM – Khafi, Tacha and Mike are in the garden having a conversation.

3:45 PM – Thelma and Diane are in the garden having a conversation.

3:20 PM – The are back inside the house and they are eating their lunch meal.

2:36 PM – Housemates are in the garden sharing ideas of their task of the day.

1:20PM – Nelson is having a conversation with Mercy about Frodd’s obsession with Esther [Read More About This Here].

12:53 PM – Big Brother summons Tacha to the diary room.

12:30 PM – Diane reads out today’s task brief to all her fellow housemates who are gathered in the lounge [Read More This Here].

12:22 PM – Big Brother sends the housemates today’s task brief.

11:33 AM – All the housemates are now collecting their breakfast meal from the kitchen.

11:27 AM – Tacha has began serving the food she and Seyi have prepared this morning, Mercy, Diane and Frodd are the first housemates to collect their food.

11:25 AM – Big Brother tells that the front doors of the house may now be opened.

11:19 AM – Ike, Mike, Tacha and Khafi are having a conversation.

11:13 AM – Tacha and Mike are enjoying a conversation..

11:00 AM – Mercy, Diane and Frodd are playing the mancala game in the garden.

10:53 AM – All the housemates are in the garden now following Big Brother’s order.

10:50 AM – Big Brother orders all the housemates to close the front doors of the house and remain in the garden until further notice.

10:47 AM – Diane is giving Frodd advise about his love for Esther, Diane says that Esther loves Nelson more than Frodd

10:40 AM – Diane, Mercy and Frodd are in the bedroom gossiping about Tacha and Seyi, they are complaining about the food Seyi and Tacha are preparing.

10:24 AM – Seyi and Tacha are in the kitchen preparing a meal

10:18 AM – Seems like Nelson and Esther are getting to understand each other more, they are in bed having a sweet conversation.

10:16 AM – Mike, Seyi and Tacha are in the kitchen.

10:13 AM – While in the closet room, Khafi asks Gedoni if she has really interrupted his conversation with Mike a few minutes ago in the garden.

10:11 AM – Mike and Gedoni conclude their conversation, they leave the garden and enter the house with Khafi.

10:09 AM – Khafi joins in on Mike and Gedoni’s conversation in the garden.

10:03 AM – Sir Dee is in bed sleeping

10:00 AM – Nelson and Esther are in bed having a conversation.

9:48 AM – Mike and Gedoni are in the garden having a conversation about Tacha and Seyi.

9:23 AM – While laying in their respective beds, Frodd and Ike are having a conversation.

9:16 AM – Big Brother summons Gedoni to the diary room.

9:10 AM – Diane is in the closet room ironing.

8:05 AM – Gedoni is quietly sitting in the garden alone, what could he be thinking about?

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